I’ve been seeing an internist since December of 2016.  I’ve been feeling rundown, sluggish, excessively tired, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight (1400 calories or less and the scale won’t move!).  So, I went to the doctor.  I’ve had bloodwork done several times since then, and my labs that I had done in June came back as hypothyroid, and I’ve been prescribed synthroid.  I started taking synthroid on June 21, 2017 at 50 mcg.  I went back for bloodwork on July 18, and they doubled my dosage to 100 mcg daily.  However, starting on Monday July 17, I’ve been having the WORST headaches I’ve ever had.  The pain is almost tension headache like, and severe enough to cause nausea.I’ve been reading that it can be a reaction to the medication, and that basically my body doesn’t know yet what to do with this extra hormone that’s floating around.  Once I’ve been taking it for a while longer, my body will get used to it.  So, I’m hoping these headaches go away soon because this shit is seriously painful.  I have noticed my appetite decrease, so I’m hoping that the numbers on the scale will start to go down.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.


Weekly Weigh-In Thursday

  • Starting Weight: 173.8
  • Last Weigh-In:172.2 (I know it’s been more than a week)
  • Today’s Weight: 168.2
  • Total Lost so far: 5.6 lbs

I’m not sure how I did this, probably by having the flu and not eating anything for 2 days.  The good news is that my school intersession is coming up an I’ll have two weeks off to really focus on my weight loss.  Here’s my plan:

Eating wise I’m going to follow a Southbeach style diet.  Which basically means that I can have protein, dairy, limited fruits and a ton of veggies.  It’s very restrictive on carbs, or at least phase 1 is.  So, during those two weeks I’ll being phase 1 with a few modifications – those mostly being adding beans and having a glass of wine every now and then.

I’m going to follow my Chalean Extreme workouts on beachbody on demand.  I got two weeks into it and then got the flu, so I’ll pick up where I left off.  I’m also going to start walking again as well, especially since the weather is warming up and getting nicer, plus carrying a 20+ pound baby while walking is a workout in and of itself.

I’m really hoping with this renewed plan and having the time to do it all when the baby is napping etc., will really help me out.  And, even more I’m hoping that I’ll see the results on the scale.

Pity Party

I feel so unmotivated. Mostly because even when I do stick to my workout goals and calorie restriction, it doesn’t do any good.
I didn’t post a Weekly Weigh-In Thursday last week because I gained weight. And, I was so upset and felt defeated that I couldn’t even bring myself to record it. I still feel defeated. I need to come up with a fitness plan, and meal plan that fits my life, and I’m STRUGGLING with that.

I hate the weight I am right now. I feel ugly, fat and uncomfortable in my own skin. I hate looking at pictures of myself because I think I look like a blob, a blob with 3 chins. I don’t want to take pictures with my kids/husband because they always show (incredibly accurately) how fat I am.

As a working mother of two, I do not have time to exercise more than 3-4 times a week. But, all of the fitness programs that I like are 6 day a week programs(T25, Insanity, Piyo). So, when I fall behind because I literally got less than 3 hours of sleep, or had to take my baby to the emergency room, or have a 4 year old who’s crying because he wants me to spend time with him and not go upstairs to uselessly jump around, I feel guilty for missing those stupid workouts. I feel like a failure, because I should be able to devote 30 minutes a day to me, but it doesn’t ever happen. In my household, I always come last.

And on top of that breastfeeding makes me HUNGRY! I want to continually stuff my face because I feel like I’m starving. I’m not, but I feel like I am. So, when we have leftover cupcakes from baking for Henry’s class, I eat them, and then want to cry because I stuffed my face once again. Showing once again just how much of a failure I am.  

I feel defeated. I feel ugly. I feel fat. And, I don’t know how to fix it.

Weekly Weigh-In Thursday (on Friday)

I did awful this week. I seem to only track during the week, and throw it all away on the weekend. During this week I have learned that it’s impossible for me to workout on less than 4 hours of sleep. I just can’t do it, by body refuses. I also learned that when I’m heavily sleep deprived and around food that I continually stuff my face, despite my inner voice screaming at me to stop. Oy, I need to do better….
Starting Weight: 173.8

Last Weeks Weight: 173

Current Weight: 172.2

Total Lost: 1.6

Goal Weight: 130
This week I really want to do every T25 workout when I’m supposed to do it, and stop playing catch up! 

I’m going to record everything that I eat, and monitor my drinking, and try to stay in my 1500-1800 calorie a day goal.

I want to drink at least 100 oz of water a day.

I also am going to sleep train the baby this weekend so that I can start to get some good quality sleep! A rested me, is a much happier person…

Weekly Weigh In Thursday 

Several years ago I started doing a Weekly Weigh In Wednesday (holy crap has it been that long ago?), and so I decided to do the same thing to try to get down to a much healthier weight and make myself happy at the same time.
So…here goes….

Starting Weight: 173.8

Today’s Weight: 173.0

Goal Weight: 130

Total Lost: 0.8

I’m a bit disappointed in my weightloss already. I’ve been tracking for a week, and working out every day, and I didn’t even lose a pound….That’s so frustrating!

Last week I started the T25 program, and so far I really like it. The workouts are only 25 minutes long, plus a cool down, so it averages to be about 30 minutes total, which is doable. I’m five days into the program right now, and it’s a 10-15 week total program, so I’m excited to see where it takes me.

I’ve started to track my food on MyFitnessPal, and my goal is to track everything I eat, everyday no matter what.

I’m limiting the amount of alcohol that I drink, saving those calories primarily for the weekend. And, I’m also upping my water content as well.

Hopefully I’ll start to see results soon…

Weekly Weigh-In Thursday?

So, I don’t know how, but I’ve been losing weight recently without even trying.  I weighed myself about two weeks ago and found that I was at 153.6, and when I stepped on the scale this morning, with a lot of trepidation mind you, I found that I was 151.6!  So, somehow, I’ve lost 2 lbs!!

In an effort to keep this going and to reach my goal weight once and for all, I’m going to start back on the Weekly Weigh-In Wednesday.  I realize that I missed it by a day this week, but a day late won’t hurt.
I think part of the problem last time was that I just got burned out tracking everything, and trying to get in workout AND track those too.  It just become overwhelming and monotonous at the same time.  So, I’m not sure if I’m going to track my food this time around.  I’m going to work on just eating sensibly, not snacking so much, and try not to drink TOO much – but I do enjoy my booze, and I’m not interested in cutting back on that too much.
Also, in an effort to start to move by body someway everyday, I found an August workout challenge, and while I’m about half a month late to the party, better late than never.  These are all short workouts that I can do when I get home from work and before dinner, and I can probably complete them while Henry is playing or J is watching the baby for 10-15 minutes a night.  Another thing that I like about it is that it’s a new workout everyday, so I won’t get bored, or get complacent with it.  So, bonus there.
I’m hoping that I’ll finally be able to be in the 140s again soon.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen that number on the scale.  Also, I’m not exactly sure what my goal weight should be.  I think I’m not going to obsess over a number, and just try to keep losing weight until I feel comfortable in my body and feel healthy.

WWW 3 Weeks Late

It looks like I’ve been as slack about recording my weight loss efforts as I have been on actually trying to lose weight…I’m going to recap the last couple of weeks and get caught up and hopefully this will spur me into getting my act together and to continue my efforts to reach my goal weight.

March 6 – 154.2
March 13 – 154.2
March 20 – 155.8…ugh
March 27 – 152.2!

I have no idea what I did to cause me to lose weight last week, but I’ll take it. I’ve been really slack in working out. And I know I need to make that more of a priority, but some days it’s just impossible to do. I get home at 6:00 (leave work at 5:00 on the dot, and run to pick up Henry, and then I’m home at 6) and then J and I have to cook dinner, wash bottles, rinse off diapers, eat dinner, clean up from dinner, put the baby to bed, and by that point I’m about ready to collapse.

I know that I should make more of an effort to work out on the weekend, but that’s really hard to do, too. With cleaning, grocery shopping, outings, and needing some downtime to just sit, our weekends are usually pretty busy. And then, the unexpected happens, like it did this weekend. I woke up at 5:30 am on Saturday morning because I had to run to the bathroom to puke. And I repeated that every hour until about 10:30. And, luckily thereon out, I didn’t throw up, but I was extremely nauseous, unable to eat or drink, achy, with a low grade fever…sick. So, all of Saturday I was out of commission, except for when I needed to nurse Henry (btw – pumping and nursing while sick is soo hard to do!). Then, on Sunday, J got sick, and he’s still recuperating today.

I struggle with not only needing to make time for myself to exercise, but wanting to. Most of the time it comes down to either working out for an hour, or spending time with Henry for another hour. And, Henry wins every time. And when I’m not feeling guilty for not spending enough time with my son, I’m honestly just too tired. I’ve thought about working out in the morning before work, but I know myself better than that. I’d have to get up at 5:00 to work out for 30 minutes, and that’s just not going to happen.

Maybe the best thing to do is to find ways to have Henry work out with me. Wear him as I go on a walk, or do baby weight lifting exercises (he’s an 18+ pound weight after all). I think I’ll look more into that over the next few days.

If you have any tips on how to stay motivated, I could really use them…