Dear Poppy Seed –

I’m 13 weeks along and you’re now the size of a peach!  Your bones in your arms and legs are developing, which means that you’ll be able to start moving around a lot more fluidly (and hopefully I’ll be able to feel you soon).  Your vocal cords are also forming this week so that by the time you’re born your coos and cries will be perfected.  Your head is about half the size of your body, but all the websites reassure me that by the time that you’re born your body will have caught up to your head, or at least come close.  Your intestines are also changing this week.  Up until now they’ve been growing and functioning in the  umbilical cord, and now they’re beginning their move to their final resting place, your tummy.

I think that I’m starting to get my energy back, but I’m also realizing that I have limits that I didn’t have before.  I can’t skip or prolong the time between meals or I get really nauseous and sick.  I still require a lot of sleep, but if I get it (or close to it) I’m able to function and be way more productive during the day.  This may be TMI, but my libido (which has pretty much been nonexistent the past few….well….since I’ve been pregnant) is coming back.  I also think that I’m starting to show.  The area right below my belly button feels different than it did in the past.  It’s firmer and rounder, and I’m unable to suck my gut in all the way, which makes me think it’s not just a gut anymore, but that you and my belly are growing!

Your dad is announcing to the world today, via his students and facebook that we’re expecting.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited he is about you.  Not only has he come to every doctor appointment (and has all the future ones saved on his calendar), but he touches my tummy every chance he gets.  He also says ‘good night’ to you when we go to sleep at night, and touches or kisses my belly when he leaves to go to work.  Your going to have the most loving and nurturing father in the world.  I think that we’re both really lucky to have him in our lives.  Keep growing and developing and your dad and I will continue to try and give you everything that you need.

– Love Mom



Today I’ve been more productive at work than I have been in over the past month.  Without trying to jinx it, it seems that I’m finally able to focus and get things done again.  So, I’m hoping that this is the beginning of me getting my energy back.  I’ve been able to clear two whole piles of paperwork and I’m starting on my third, and as boring as that sounds it actually has me really happy that I can do my job again.  There’s nothing worse than having to show up for work, and then not having the energy to do anything once you’re actually there.  So, again without jinxing it, I’m hoping that I’m getting my energy back!

(this used to be me at work, minus the coffee)

Also, I got a reminder today that I can’t wait too long to eat when I’m hungry.  I got busy and forgot to eat, and even started feeling queasy, but I brushed it off so I could get work done.  I ended up throwing up in my trash can at my desk.  Lesson learned. Just because your energy may be coming back doesn’t mean that you can prolong time between meals.

Still Can’t Sleep Through the Night

I don’t really have all that much new to report.  I’m feeling really tired.  I didn’t sleep well again last night, waking up a lot more than I should.  I started looking up ways to help with this today, so that hopefully I can start to sleep much better.  However, some of the stuff that they say to do just isn’t feasible.


  • Going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday.  I can do that on the week days.  But when the weekend rolls around, 1.  I’m sleeping late and there’s not anything that’s going to stop me.  My days of sleeping in on the weekend are finite and I intend to enjoy them for as long as I can!  2.  Apparently these sites don’t want you to have a social life.  How lame would it be to leave a party at 9:30 with the excuse that you have to get home so that your sleep pattern won’t be thrown off?
  • Your bed should only be used for sleeping.  This one I should probably try to adhere to, except that I really like to lay in bed on a Saturday morning and watch TV.  There’s something about snuggling into the covers and catching up on all the shows that you missed during the week.  I’m also usually banished to the bedroom on a regular basis cause J wants to play a video game and I don’t want to watch him play it.
  • Limit distractions while going to bed.  I would love to do this, except that J won’t let me.  He insists on having the TV on EVERY night as he goes to bed.  I finally got him to stop putting the sleep timer on, so that I no longer wake up at 12:30 at night to a bright, blaring TV, so at least that’s something.  (Actually as I was writing this he did finally agree to not have the TV on at all in the bedroom while we go to sleep, so yay for that!)
  • Limit noise distractions.  I’m really not sure how to do this.  J snores infrequently, and our dog snores like a freight train.  Ali (the dog) has been sleeping in another room at night, and that’s helped a little bit, but there are times, like last night, when I woke up at 2:30 am and could hear her snoring from another bedroom.  I’ve tried wearing ear plugs to bed, but they really aren’t comfortable at all, especially for that length of time, and they’re not conducive to side sleeping.
  • I also have now started to wake up to pee at least once a night, and I expect that this will only get worse.  The sites that I was reading say to stop drinking around dinner time , but I’m pregnant, and usually always thirsty, so that’s not happening either.  Plus, I also wake up in the middle of the night parched, so I think I need to up my water intake and not cut it back.

I’m really not sure what else to do to help with my sleep issue, and it will be the first question that I ask the doctor when we go back for a visit.  Until then, if anyone has any ideas on how to sleep through the night, I’d really appreciate it!


Dear Poppy Seed –

You’re now the size of a large plum!  And guess what?  We’ve made it to 3 months a long!!!  Right now you’re just busy growing!  Your digestive system is gearing up to function, practicing all the moves it will take to digest food.  Your bone marrow is busy making white blood cells, which will come in handy in about another 28 weeks.  You’re already weighing in at about half an ounce, which is incredible considering that just a few short weeks ago you were a teeny tiny speck and hardly tipped the scale at all.  From crown to rump you’re measuring at about 2 1/2 inches!  So, keep growing!!

I’m still feeling some intense nausea and morning sickness.  Mornings are usually the hardest for me.  I wake up feeling nauseous, as well as bone weary.  Last night I went to bed at 10:00, and woke up at midnight, 3:00, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:45, 7:00 and 7:30.  I can’t say how much I would love to be able to sleep through the night!  Maybe, I’m just getting ready for when you actually arrive, cause I’m pretty sure that my sleep patters will follow a similar timeline.  My pants are starting to get really tight as well.  I’m constantly pulling them up, but they only go up so far now, and usually fall right back down to my hips again.  I feel like I have a perpetual muffin top.  I’m going to look into getting one of those belly bands that allow you to wear your jeans unbuttoned without them falling down.  If they actually work, I can probably get away with wearing my pants for another couple of weeks.  I still burp all the time and have some of the worst gas ever (I’m really embarrassed to include that part, but I’m trying to be honest).  According to “What to Expect,” I can look forward to feeling dizzy soon as well.  I know it probably sounds like I’m complaining, I don’t mean for it to come across that way.  I’m excited to be pregnant, but I’m still coming to terms with exactly what that means.

Right now things are getting busy for your dad and I.  His band concert is coming up next week, and then Christmas and Hanukkah, and our babymoon is right around the corner!  I’m still really busy at work, but things are finally starting to slow down a bit.  Right now I’m really just looking forward to our winter vacation.  It’ll be a time for your dad and I to relax and enjoy the fact that you’re growing away in my tummy.  These first three months seemed to just fly by.  It feels like it was only a few days ago that we found out we were having you.  Now, I’m three months in with only six more to go!  Your due date feels like an eternity away, but I’m sure that like these past three months it will fly by and I’ll be wondering where all my time went.  Keep growing and remember that your dad and I love you!

– Mom


I think I briefly mentioned this before, but I think it deserves a post of its own.  J and I are going on a babymoon (last vacation prebaby) in a couple of weeks.  In June I found a great deal on a hotel on priceline, and all the stuff that we’re doing is free!  At that time I also contacted my congressman to ask for tickets to tour the White House, the Library of Congress, and the Kennedy Center.  Turns out the White House doesn’t do tours the week we’re going, but we have free tickets to everything else!  And it turns out the Smithsonian’s don’t charge you either.  So, we’re going to have a fun filled trip romping around DC for 4 days!

Also, apparently parking at our hotel is ridiculously expensive ($35 a day), I’m looking into parking at the airport ($12 a day) and taking a shuttle or taxi down to the hotel.  With the metro, we really won’t need our car anyway.  I’m not sure if that’s ethical or legal, but if it saves me $100, I really don’t care.  And possibly, with the money we save we might be able to swing another day, and I’m really hoping that we can, because there’s so much that we want to see, and not enough days to do so!

Here are a list of things that we’re planning on seeing:

  • Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
  • Smithsonian American History Museum
  • Library of Congress
  • Kennedy Center
  • Ford’s Theater
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Mount Vernon
  • Arlington

This is just to name a few and doesn’t include going to the mall and/or seeing the monuments.  And  it doesn’t include all the fabulous places that I’m currently scouting to eat at.  So, as you can see from that list that I’m really hoping that I can swing another day, but we’ll see.  I’m really excited for this trip.  It’ll be the first vacation that J and I have taken since our honeymoon and that was 3 1/2 years ago!  I’ll be sure to post pictures when we get back from it.


Dear Poppy Seed –

At eleven weeks along you’re now the size of a lime!  Your fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and you’re learning to close your hands into fists.  I can’t wait for your little hand to wrap around my fingers, so keep working on those reflexes!  You’re also learning to do acrobatics in your custom made pool by kicking and wiggling.  Your tooth buds are still forming under your gums and some of your bones are beginning to harden.  The thing that I find really cool is that your diaphragm is forming and your probably hiccuping up a storm in there.  Even though I probably won’t feel you move for another month of two, I’m really looking forward to feeling it.  I think it will help create a stronger bond between us.  So, keep moving as much as you can, so hopefully I can feel you soon!

This week I’m just feeling more of the same: bloated, gassy, constipated, tired, and some nausea mixed with vomiting.  I can’t say enough how much I’m looking forward to being out of the first trimester so that I’ll (hopefully) get my energy back and food will no longer be an enemy.  I also need to find a way to sleep better.  I’m still waking up about every 2 to 3 hours, and from 4 am on, it’s every hour.  But because I love sleep so much, I refuse to get out of bed before I absolutely have to, which I’m sure only adds to the fact that I’m always tired.  I have another doctor appointment in two weeks, so I’m hoping that I’ll remember to ask for a better sleep aid than tylenol pm.

Your dad and I got to see you yesterday!  We met with the doctor who will be delivering you, Dr. M, and we really like him, he’s very nice and easy going, although he has hands the size of baseball mitts, which is a little disconcerting.  Anyway, at the appointment he brought out the Doppler, lubed up my belly, and tired to find your heart beat.  Your dad and I listened patiently, eagerly awaiting that strong fast beat that we’ve so wanted to hear for weeks now and…..nothing.  I guess Dr. M got frustrated and he went and brought in a portable ultrasound machine.  In no time at all we found out why he couldn’t hear you.  Dr. M was trying to listen to my bladder!  Your were a lot farther up and to the left than he anticipated, I guess you really are moving around a lot in there!  You actually look like a baby now, albeit a miniature one.  We still didn’t get to hear your heart beat, but hopefully we will soon!  Keep growing and developing, and remember that your dad and I love you!