Cloth Diapers 8 Months In

Henry has now been in cloth diapers for 8 months!

Our cloth diaper stash is relatively the same since the last time that I posted about it, when Henry was six weeks old. We have added a few things, so here’s our running tally:

Softbums: 8 Echo Shells, 2 Omni Shells, 24 super dry touch pods, 20? mini pods
Bumgenius: 6 4.0s, 1 AIO
Bumkins: 2 pocket diapers
Blissful Booty: 1 AI1 medium
Rumparooz: 1 pocket diaper

Softbums: I absouletly love these diapers! They are the most absorbent of all of the diapers that we own. I actually started using the mini pods that we have to add absorbency to our other diapers, and it works great! I love the fact that the leg holes are adjustable. My favorite feature about them is the AI2 system. The fact that the shells are reusable is great. It cuts down on laundry and therefore cuts down on the amount that each diaper is washed so that they last longer.
Just last week I bought 2 of the Omni diapers. These are a little thicker than their Eco brothers, but it’s because you can use them as an AI2 and snap in the pods, or use the pods to stuff it like a pocket diaper. I think that’s fantastic because our daycare seems to have problems with cloth diapers, and the simpler we can make it for them, the better, so I love that it gives you options.




Bumgenius: These diapers are great. They’re affordable and they’ve been holding up great! We have the 4.0 pockets and one All In One. The only issue that we’ve had with them is that the insert has a propensity for staining. The diapers themselves are still white as can be, but after one poop the inserts are stained and have to go out in the sun to be bleached (The Softbums do not have this problem).

Bumkins: A while back, Zulily was having a sale on Bumkins pocket diapers. They have such cute designs on them that I bought two and anxiously awaited them to be delivered. I bought one that’s covered in fire trucks, and one that has owls on it (too cute!). Despite how cute these diapers are, they’re pieces of crap. The snaps tore out of the fabric after a couple uses. They leak like crazy. The insert that it came with is not at all absorbent, and it hasn’t been getting better at all over time. J and I now only use these diapers in emergency situations – like when we’re doing laundry and there are no other clean diapers left in the house. DO NOT BUY! These are a waste of money!

Blissful Booty: I like this AIO, but J isn’t the biggest fan. We do have to add one of the Softbums mini pods to it to make it absorbent enough for Henry to wear, but with the added pod, he can wear it over night just fine. I like the leg gussets that it has, it helps keep everything contained if you know what I mean.

Rumparooz: This pocket diaper is fantastic! The only downside to it, is that they’re expensive! It’s absorbent, they fit great and are very trim. The inserts do stain somewhat, but some time in the sun fixes that right up. This is a great diaper, but may not be the best option for those on a budget.

Now that Henry’s on solid foods, his diapers are reflecting that. Whenever he goes number 2, we had to take the diaper and hose it down in the toilet. Those solid poos are not water soluble anymore and would be too much for our washing machine to handle. Having to rinse them out does take a little bit of added time, but not that much, and it isn’t as disgusting as it sounds (technically users of disposables are supposed to do this too – read the label).

So, now when we get home from daycare one of us has to take the diapers out of the wet bag and rinse each of them out that needs it. It takes about 3 minutes of time to do it, and really isn’t that big a deal. We have a fuzzibuns diaper sprayer, and it does a really good job (just be careful of water rebounding off of the diaper and onto you/ the wall/ all over the bathroom). For those that are worried about having to install one, J did ours in about 20 minutes, and while I love him dearly, he isn’t the handiest of guys, so if he can do it, anyone can!

All in all, cloth diapering has been going great. After 8 months we have basically the same stash that we did when we started – and most are just as good as when we bought them. We haven’t had a single case of diaper rash, and slowly but surely our daycare is learning how to put them on the little fella. J and I have had to go over and over and over how to use them, but they’re making progress. Slowly but surely.


Life with Cloth Diapers

Henry has been in cloth diapers since a few days after we brought him home from the hospital (when the meconium poos stopped).  My assessment of cloth diapers?  I absolutely love them!!

Henry is primarily in the Soft Bums Echos – that’s what he wears around the house and they really are as amazing as their website says they are.  I have 8 shells and 24 super dry touch liners and around 24 newborn sized liners, and with that amount I’m washing them about every other day.  We have had a few leaks with them, but no blow outs, and the leaks were mostly from leaving him in them too long.  I also need to clarify that when I say “leak” I more mean that an edge of the diaper was wet and it wicked onto his onesie making the onesie wet around the leg holes.

As far as how I wash them, they get tossed into the washing machine with just a little bit of diaper safe detergent (at the moment I’m using All Free and Clear because my grocery store didn’t have the Purex Free and Clear that I wanted to get), they get washed on hot/cold with a soak and an extra rinse.  The shells are line dried and and inserts are thrown in the dyer on high until they’re dry (and because they’re so absorbent they do take a while to dry).  So far we haven’t had any staining – they’re all still beautifully white and look the same as when I bought them.

When we go out and when his Grandparents watch him, we put Henry in bumGenius  4.0 pocket diapers (although the Softbums really are super easy to put on too).  I have absolutely no complains with these either.  They’ve held up well so far and as far as washing goes they get thrown in with the Softbums, and the diaper gets line dried and the insert goes in the dryer.

I know that Henry is only 6 weeks old, but so far we haven’t had a single case of diaper rash, or anything that looks like it.

I’m absolutely loving my diapering choice, and I never have to worry about having to run out to the store to get more diapers and wipes (we’re using cloth wipes too since we’re already doing the laundry).  If we’re running low on diapers they just get thrown in the wash – easy peasy.  Not to mention that they just look super cute on, and they come in so many adorable colors and prints!

Henry is his Softbums

My Cloth Diaper Stash!

I believe that my cloth diaper stash is now complete (for the moment anyway)!

This past weekend J and I laundered all of the Softbums diapers that we have – which was 8 shells, 24 pods and 8 mini pods.  We did the washing routine on them twice.  In case you’re wondering, that involved a cold wash with the water level on high and a teeny tiny bit of diaper friendly detergent.  Follow that with a hot wash with the water level on high and no detergent.  Then everything got thrown into the dryer on high for 10 minutes.  After the 10 minutes we pulled the shells out and continued to dry the pods on medium until they were done (which took almost no time),  and then put everything away so it’s ready to go for when the baby boy is born.

Then on Monday I noticed that our local diaper store was having a sale on bumGenius 4.0s – buy 5, get one free.  So, I bought 5 and got one free.  I also got 2 large wet bags and 1 small wet bag to store all of those dirty diapers in.  Since I bought all of that, they gave me a free sized diaper – a blissful booty (the names of all of these diapers are just too cute).  I went in today to pick up my order and ended up also buying cloth wipes and a few more mini pods for the Softbums, which I was told by the charming sales lady that those pods are good for any pocket diaper as well, so bonus there.

So, my entire diaper stash now includes:

  • Softbums – 8 shells, 24 pods, 16 mini pods
  • 6 bumGenius 4.0s
  • 1 bumGenius Freetime AIO
  • 1 Rumparooz
  • 1 medium Blissful Booty.
  •  2 Large wet bags
  • 1 Small wet bag
  • 30 Oso Cozy cloth wipes (I was told that 1 wipe will do for each diaper change, as opposed to the disposables which can take a few)

So, now I have a bit more laundry to do to get all of this stuff primed and ready to go, but that’s ok with me.  I’m excited to get it all stored and stacked neatly put away and have it be ready to use!


Dear Poppy Seed –

OMFG….32 weeks have passed already!  It’s really hard to believe that there’s only 8 more weeks until you’re here, but it’s true, the two month count down has started!  This week you’re the size of a squash or weigh as much as a jicama, which means that you’re just shy of 17 inches long and just under 4 lbs in weight.  Everything that I’ve read says that right now you’re practicing all of your mad skills (sucking, swallowing, breathing – although admittedly that one might be a bit difficult in a bunch of fluid) so that you’ll have them down pat when you’re born.  You’re also chunking up (reasonably so) so that you’ll be cute and adorable when you’re born (you’ll be that no matter what though).

Right now my life feels like I’m going 100 miles a minute.  I’ve had more doctor appointments and more appointment on my calendar in the last two weeks than I’m used to and I feel like I don’t actually have a chance to sit and relax.  Not to mention that I’m now having to make up my time at work that I miss (due to midwife appointments) on the weekends, so now I have even less time to just sit and breathe a sigh of relief.  It’s not as bad as I’m making it seem, but I’m still 100x busier than I would like to be.

I took a breastfeeding class this past Tuesday that went over how to breastfeed and what to do if problems arise.  I learned some pretty cool facts about breastfeeding that I didn’t know.  Apparently, now there’s research showing that not only does breastfeeding reduce the mother’s risk of developing breast cancer, but also the baby’s (specifically if it’s a girl) – so yay for breastfeeding!  Next week is the second part of the class where I’ll learn about breastfeeding an older child and how to manage with going back to work and I’m looking forward to it.  Tonight your dad and I start our birthing class at the hospital where you’ll be delivered, and we continue them for every Thursday in May.  I’m excited about it and I hope that we get a lot of good information out of it.

After my incident on Monday my braxton hicks contractions have quieted down and now I’m back to just having a few a day (hoping that it stays that way).  Which is much better than every 15-20 minutes all day long!  As much as I am excited to meet you, it’s way too early for that to happen – so stay put for the next 6-8 weeks ok?

This weekend your dad and I are attending a baby shower that’s being thrown by his student’s and their parents.  It should be a lot of fun – I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to eat some of the food there.  I’ll probably have to go on a really long walk after it to help my blood sugar level out.

I washed a bunch of your clothes last weekend and we put them all away (you should be impressed because I don’t even put my clothes away).  I just need to wash your diapers a few times now to make sure that they’re nice and absorbent for when they cover your cute little tushie.  Your nursery should be almost complete this weekend.  We still need to get curtains for the room and a couple more finishing touches (I’m still looking for the perfect mobile to go above your crib), but it’s just about done!

Keep growing, kicking and moving!  And above all, remember that I love you!

– Mom

I Ordered My Cloth Diapers!

I did it!  I ordered my cloth diapers today!!  And if you can’t tell, I’m super excited about it!!

I chose to go with the SoftBums Echo cloth diapers.  These are All-in-Twos (AI2) that come with really high reviews.  I’m so excited to get them in the mail!!!

I ordered the Super Dry Touch Good-to-Go 24 pack.  This includes 8 shells, 10 mini pods and 24 Super Dry Touch pods.  I got the shells in an assortment of really cute colors too.  This package is more than enough to get us started on cloth diapering, but I plan on adding more mini pods and pods over the next couple of months so I can cut down on how often I have to wash them.

These diapers have a one year warranty on them, which brings me piece of mind.  So, if they fall apart and it wasn’t because of something that I did, I can return them or exchange them.

I’m really excited to cloth diaper.  Not only will it save me thousands of dollars in the long run (yes, I said thousands), but they’re cute and are much better for babies than disposables.  And, from the videos and comments that I’ve seen they appear to be just as easy to use.  I know that there are a lot of people who turn up their noses at the idea of cloth diapering.  I know this because just about anyone I tell that I’m using cloth tells me that I’ll change my mind after a week of using them.  I’m not worried about changing my mind.  I’ve dropped a good bit of money on these, and I’m too cheap to just give it up.  Besides, I really don’t think it’ll be that much more work.  Yes, I’ll have to wash a little more laundry, but how hard is it to do that?  Throw them in, start the machine and then walk away – that doesn’t sound too complicated to me and I think I can handle it, even with a newborn, and if I can’t, J will be around to help too.  I really don’t see a downside to this, ergo, I’m really excited to put my baby’s super cute tuchus in them!

If you’d like more information you can go to the SoftBums website.

Cloth Diapers One More Time

So, I think I’ve changed my mind about how I’m going to cloth diaper my baby, and I’m hoping that I won’t change my mind after this, but we’ll see, no promises.  It takes me a few days to really process something and think it through, so I apologize if my frequent mind changes are confusing you.  After writing my last post about using pocket diapers and all-in-ones I realized that I would have to buy a ton of diapers, or at least what would feel like a ton of diapers. And I also realize that it would be expensive, even with purchasing a little at a time, and the whole goal of cloth diapering is to try and save some money.  So, my NEW plan is to primarily use All-In-Twos.

The All-In-Twos have a reusable waterproof shell, and you change out the liner when it becomes soiled.  So, while the outer layer or shell is a little more expensive, you don’t need that many of them as two can last you the majority of the day, or the whole day if you’re lucky.  You will need a bunch of the liners, but they are way less expensive than the shells, so it just seems way more economical.  The brand that I’m liking so far is the SoftBums Echo line.  I’ve been reading that they’re super absorbent and very trim, and you can stuff them as little or as much as you need to increase their absorbency.  They also have an adjustable leg hole so that it won’t be too lose or too tight for your baby.  What I really like about this brand of diaper is that the liners snap into the diaper shell, so that they won’t move, slide or bunch up on you and cause leaking like I’ve read other brands do.  I’m planning on stocking my diaper stash with 7-9 shells, and 24+ liners.  It also says on their website that these diapers will fit babies 6-35 pounds, so I might not even need to use a prefold!


The care instructions for these diapers also seems fairly straight forward.  A pre-soak, a hot wash and an extra rinse will get it all clean.  The shells you air dry, and these will fit nicely over my shower curtain rod as i don’t have a clothes line. The liners you can toss right into the dryer.  Like all cloth diapers you still have to prime these by washing 3-5 times on their own to increase their absorbency.  They also require that you use cloth diaper safe detergent and no fabric softener of dryer sheets, and stay away from traditional diaper rash cream (these can make your cloth diapers water proof, which kinda defeats the purpose).

I’m still registering for the bumGenius 4.0s as well.  I can’t seem to want to let go of these pocket diapers, and I think that they will make a perfect quick diaper change for when I’m not at home, and I also plan to use them at night as I’ve read that they’re slightly more absorbent, especially if you add more than one insert.  The added bonus with these diapers is that I can register for them at Babies ‘R Us!

I’m becoming way more comfortable with my diaper choice by the day, and it’s weird, but I’m excited to change that first diaper (I’m sure that feeling won’t last though).

Cloth Diapering 101

Wow, there are a lot of styles of cloth diapers, and I think that I’m now extremely overwhelmed from it all.  The class I went to lasted an hour and a half, and I still feel like they barely scratched the surface on all the different types of cloth diapers and how to use them.  I’m not going to go over each type of cloth diaper.  I started to do that, but it was going to take me way too long, not to mention that I’m no where near an expert and there’s a lot I still don’t know.

What I’m now considering doing is using a prefold or a flat with a cover for the newborn period before the baby is big enough to fit into the pocket cloth diapers or the all-in-ones.  They seem pretty absorbent, and fairly cheap – which is good.  This will also give us time to slowly build our stash of the more expensive and easier to use diapers.  That’s not to say that the prefold seem difficult, but they do seem more involved than the other diaper options.

After the prefold phase I want to use bumGenius All-In-Ones/4.0s and the Rumparoozs.  The woman who led the class said that the bumGenius All-In-Ones and the Rumparoozs were her favorite to use as a mother (and that they also seem to be father favorites).  They’re super simple to use, can fit babies 8-35 pounds.  These are super soft and I was told that they’re really absorbent and that the hold up really well.  I bought one bumGenius All-In-One and one Rumparooz.

One of the surprising things that I learned at this class was that people who use cloth diapers actually touch less poo than people who use disposable. Cloth diapers rarely have the “blow outs” that disposables do.  Cloth diapers are designed to keep everything contained in the diaper.  The teacher of the class also said that the only time she has ever had a blow out was when he son filled the diaper with poo, not because the diaper failed.  Most of these diapers are also designed to keep the poo from going up the baby’s back as well, as well as out the legs.

From going to this class there doesn’t seem to be a reason to not use cloth diapers.  I’m actually kinda excited about it.  I’m going to drag J to the next cloth diaper class that they have so he can learn about it all too and give me his opinion on it all, I also think another run of the class wouldn’t hurt me either.