Charts Galore!

I’ve now plugged my information into two other fertility sites in addition to Fertility Friend, and none of them can agree when I ovulated.  Fertility Friend says that I am now 6 days past ovulation, My Fertility Charts says that I’m 4 day past ovulation, and Countdown to Pregnancy says that I’m 5 days past ovulation.  The good news is that all of these sites agree that I did ovulate.  I’m holding out hope that my luteal phase is 14 days, as it has been in the past.  That will allow me to count backwards to see where I actually ovulated – if I even did.

I did see a temperature spike today, rising all the way up to 98.2.  However, I did oversleep this morning by about 45 minutes, so I’m hoping that it didn’t affect my temperature at all.  Let’s take a look at my chart (cause I know you haven’t had enough of that yet).

If you’re thinking that my chart looks fancier than in the past, you would be correct.  I guess Fertility Friend heard me complaining that I don’t get to use their cool features because they’re expensive, so they gave me a 5 day trial of the VIP membership.  I’ve played around with it a little bit.  I like the chart overlay feature, but I’m not sure how best to set it up.

For example:  If I set my chart up so that all of my ovulation days are synced I get a chart that looks like this:

Chart A:

Ovulation Sync

When you look at this one, it actually looks like my previous cycles are very similar.  To me, it looks like I start out high, then dip down, and then shoot right back up and stay there for the luteal phase.  This had me thinking that this is great!  I did ovulate, my charts have a forming pattern!!  And then I set the chart overlay up so that my CD1’s are synced:

Chart B:

CD 1 Sync

and in this case, they don’t look similar at all and all the new found excitement that I had from looking at the previous chart goes right out the window (insert sound of balloon deflating).

I’m inclined to use Chart A, as my cycles have not been the same number of days and it’s easier to  comprehend patterns when ovulation is matched up.  Also, as I’m trying to be more optimistic, I think I should go with the chart that shows me what I want to see.  But, I would like to know your opinion – so fellow readers, which chart would you use?


I Call Bullshit

Ok, my emotions today have been everywhere from resigned frustration to irritation, to depression and now I’m at the point where I’m just tired.  Having a gazillion emotions in one day really does wipe you out, but I digress.  You know what though?  An anovulatory cycle is bullshit.  I refuse to sit here and just accept that.  So, I’m going to do what any other mildly sane person does when they are faced with an anovulatory cycle – look for a time when I might have ovulated anyway in the hopes that I’m wrong.  So I spent some time reading other peoples blogs and looking at the fertility charts that they use.  I found another chart that seems pretty cool ( This site doesn’t charge you for all the cool features that I don’t have on Fertility Friend cause I can’t afford it.

Anyway, viola:

Same information, but looks different from Fertility Friend’s.  According to this chart it looks like I might have ovulated on CD 31 instead of FF saying that I did on CD 29.  This website did tell me that my chart does not appear to biphasic and that it can’t predict ovulation with a certainty because of that.  But I’m holding out hope that I did indeed ovulate and that my body is just being weird.  I really don’t want to accept the fact that something else isn’t working the way it’s supposed to with my body – so I’m going to live in the land of ignorance as long as humanly possible and assume that I did ovulate (as to the exact date – I guess only time will tell).

If this post was a little erratic, I apologize.  My thought process at the moment isn’t exactly coherent, but that can be expected when your mind is running at 100 mph.


I’m confused.  Fertility Friend says that I ovulated on CD 29.  It’s entirely possible that I did, but I’m having doubts.  The things that makes me scratch my head in befuddlement are that there seems to be no thermal shirt, and the fact that if I indeed did ovulate on the 29th, then I only have 7 temperatures below the coverline.  For those of you that don’t know what a coverline is, it’s the red horizontal line on the chart.  Ideally, a BBT chart should have pre-ovulation temps in the negative/negative section of the chart, and post ovulation temps in the positive/positive.  My charts in the past usually do not reflect this perfectly, but for the most part that has remained true, at least until this current cycle.

Take a look for yourself.

The only temperatures that I would exclude on this chart are on CD 11, and possibly CD 12 due to drinking, but I haven’t had anything to drink since then.  I haven’t been sick, and I haven’t had an unusual amount of stress that could account for my cover line to be so low.  These temperatures are pretty normal for me.  On my previous charts usually anything below 97.7 has been a pre-ovulation temperature, and anything above 97.9 has been a post ovulation temperature.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Should I stop obsessing about this and just take the chart as it is?  Or, is Fertility Friend wrong, and if they are, when did I ovulate?


I’m still waiting to ovulate.  I’m on CD 26, and the OPKs are still reading negative.  In my first post I mentioned that my cycles appear to be regular and I’m starting to think that I might need to amend that.  Last month I ovulated on CD 25, and the time before that was CD 22.  It would seem that my cycles are gradually increasing in length.  I don’t know yet whether this is something to be concerned about.  It’s just during the follicular phase that I’m noticing the irregularity, my luteal phases have been consistently 14 days.   Here is the information that I have on my cycles so far:

First Cycle:

  • CD1: June 25th
  • Ovulation Date July 16th
  • Luteal Phase 14 days
  • Total Days: 36

Second Cycle:

  • CD1: July 31st
  • Ovulation Date: August 24th
  • Luteal Phase: 14 days
  • Total Days: 39

Third Cycle:


  • CD1: September 8th
  • Ovulation Date: Uknown
  • Luteal Phase: Uknown
  • Total Days: Uknown

If my cycles keep lengthening and don’t show some kind of regularity in the next few months it looks like I’ll have to go to the doctor to try and figure this out.  This is frustrating.

Each morning I pee in a cup, dunk my OPKs (a digital and regular one, because I don’t trust myself to read the regular one on it’s own), lay them out on the counter and then jump in the shower while I await the results.  And each morning I see an empty circle instead of a smiley face, as well as a line that just never seems as dark as the test line.  My temperature has also stayed consistently low.  It was 97.2 this morning, which is a record low for me.  I guess that the only thing that I can do is to keep waiting.  I’m probably worrying for nothing.  If I ovulate tomorrow, then my cycle will be a total of 41 days, which really isn’t that far from 39.  It’s just the fact that each one has been a different length of time and that I can’t help but think that it’s a forming trend.

Waiting Part 1


I’m currently waiting to ovulate.  I’ve been taking an OPK every morning (and one afternoon) for the past 3 days and each morning it comes back negative, although, I think it’s starting to get darker, but it’s really difficult to tell.  It’s probably too soon for me to ovulate anyway, it’s only CD 21, and the earliest I’ve ovulated while tracking my cycles was CD 22.  So, I have at least one more day.  Still, I feel slightly stressed/pressured about the whole situation.  I know that I shouldn’t, that it more than likely won’t help anything, and can actually hurt my chances, but I can’t seem to help it.  Wanting to get pregnant, trying to get pregnant and waiting to ovulate, and then trying to time sex to the right days and then waiting to know if it was successful all feels way more stressful than it should be.  Before, I always thought that getting pregnant just involved a twinkle in the eye followed by spontaneous unprotected romps in the hay, and all that.  However, it would seem that I was seriously mistaken.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think the whole thing should be filled with love, tender moments and the such, but it’s way more planned than I ever considered it would be.