I Call Bullshit

Ok, my emotions today have been everywhere from resigned frustration to irritation, to depression and now I’m at the point where I’m just tired.  Having a gazillion emotions in one day really does wipe you out, but I digress.  You know what though?  An anovulatory cycle is bullshit.  I refuse to sit here and just accept that.  So, I’m going to do what any other mildly sane person does when they are faced with an anovulatory cycle – look for a time when I might have ovulated anyway in the hopes that I’m wrong.  So I spent some time reading other peoples blogs and looking at the fertility charts that they use.  I found another chart that seems pretty cool (countdowntopregnancy.com). This site doesn’t charge you for all the cool features that I don’t have on Fertility Friend cause I can’t afford it.

Anyway, viola:

Same information, but looks different from Fertility Friend’s.  According to this chart it looks like I might have ovulated on CD 31 instead of FF saying that I did on CD 29.  This website did tell me that my chart does not appear to biphasic and that it can’t predict ovulation with a certainty because of that.  But I’m holding out hope that I did indeed ovulate and that my body is just being weird.  I really don’t want to accept the fact that something else isn’t working the way it’s supposed to with my body – so I’m going to live in the land of ignorance as long as humanly possible and assume that I did ovulate (as to the exact date – I guess only time will tell).

If this post was a little erratic, I apologize.  My thought process at the moment isn’t exactly coherent, but that can be expected when your mind is running at 100 mph.