A few weeks ago, I broke out in a rash on my stomach. It looked like a bunch of scabs: some teeny tiny, some as large as quarters. It didn’t itch, and wasn’t painful, it just looked bad.  
About a week or so after that, I got more scab like bumps on my arms, legs, chest and back. Again, they don’t itch, and don’t hurt…

These are on my forearm, but again much larger one on my stomach

I’ve been trying to self diagnose what they are, and as best I can tell, it’s psoriasis. I have a doctor appointment in about two weeks to check to be sure what it is exactly. If it is psoriasis, then that means I have an autoimmune disorder….and I’ll have to figure out what triggers it.

I have been reading that celiac disease is very common among people with psoriasis, and after doing a Whole 30 two years ago I noticed that I have a sensitivity to gluten and grains. So, I’m now really wondering about celiac or a gluten sensitivity as well.
Hopefully I’ll get some answers soon.


One thought on “Psoriasis???

  1. My baby breaks out if she has gluten! Her scalp is the worst, but in all the mommy groups I’ve been in, a lot of skin rashes are very much related to diet! Good luck!

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