Birthday Party Dilema

I’m trying to plan a joint birthday party for my boys.  Henry will be turning 5, and Benjamin will be turning 1.  Big numbers for both boys, and I need to do it together to save some much needed money.  I’m starting to stress over this because I can’t find anything that fits, and I don’t want it at my house.

I need to have a space where Benjamin can have fun too, so places like Chuck E Cheese are out.  My last wish is to try to contain the baby who just want to explore and then have to keep the big kids from running all over him.

J and I thought we had found a great place, a local splash park!  But, they only do parties after normal operating hours, which means a birthday party from 6:00-7:30….for a 1 and 5 year old.  Is that too late?  I feel like that is too late…and then people won’t come because it’s too close to bedtime for their kiddos….

Is it too late?  Would you let your kid go to a birthday party in the summer at a splash park that started at 6:00?




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