Month 10

Dear Benjamin,
You are ten months old! A lot has happened in the last month, and I am overjoyed at how much you’re growing and developing!

You’re now mobile! You have the most adorable army crawl where you use your arms and toes to push yourself forward. When you want to, you can get from one end of the room to the other fairly quickly, but it’s so cute that when you get tired, and you’ll put your head down to take a rest for a moment before you continue. The downside to this army crawl is that #1 you get filthy from crawling all over the floor (which is covered in pollen from the open windows) but you also have blisters on your big toes =(  

Now that you can move, you love to spend your time exploring! It’s like everything is new again, and you just want to know what everything is. You will army crawl from the living room to the kitchen to the dining room, and back again. You love exploring your room and Henry’s room as well.  

I think one of the things you like most about being mobile is that you can now follow Henry everywhere! Where he goes, you go! It drives him a little crazy, but it’s good for him. You want to know and see everything he’s doing, and you desperately want to try to copy it. If he’s playing with legos, you want to play with legos. If Henry is running around the house, you are crawling after him. If Henry is in the bathroom, you want to know what’s behind that door. It’s adorable. I can’t wait for you to crawl on your hands and knees so you can keep up with him even more!

This new found mobility has impacted a few areas of your life though. You now really hate diaper changes. It takes you away from what you were doing, and you just find it inconvenient and upsetting. I can’t blame you, but all the wiggling just makes it take longer…You’re now also barely interested in eating, you just want to be on the floor moving. The exception to this is when you’re so tired that you’ll nurse yourself to sleep for a power nap between naps. The other night you literally face planted into my boob for a quick 30 minute nap before dinner. It was adorable. 

You’re teething right now, you’ve got two teeth next to your top front teeth that are about to come through, and it’s causing your to be miserable. You’re not sleeping well, and you’ve had a few screaming fits because it. We’re trying to keep you as comfortable as possible, but that’s a difficult job. You’re not big on cold things. We’ve given you frozen blueberries, or frozen teething rings, and you just get upset that you’re holding something cold. But you do like to chew on things. Your favorite seems to be a rubber tipped drum stick of your brothers. You’ll just got to town on that thing, and we can hear it squeaking from the other room!

This past month was also your first trip to the beach! I’d never taken a baby to the beach before so it was a new experience for both of us, we had some learning to do with sad and eye rubbing, but we learned quickly. We had such a good time! I cannot wait to take you back to the beach!

We’re still nursing, and I love every moment of it. I love all the snuggles I get from you, how I get to hold you several times a day when you’re quiet and still. I love watching you fall asleep at naps or nighttime and seeing how you little body starts to relax. I’m in no way ready to stop, and I hope that you want to keep going for a long time.  

I can’t believe how fast time is flying! You’re such an amazing little boy. Your personality is starting to come through more and more. So far I believe that you are very inquisitive, you stare at things looking like what you wnat to understand how they work. You also seem to be short tempered. You get mad so easily, but you’re also very quick to cool down. You get frustrated easily right now (there’s a lot to be frustrated by) but it also seems to motivate you – like the crawling, you get frustrated that you get tired so quickly, or can’t maneuver exactly how you want, but even though you get frustrated you work though it to solve your problem which is amazing to watch.

I love you so much my Benjamin. You’ve bought so much love, laughter and fun to my life. You mean so much to me! I can’t wait to see you continue to grow and thrive!



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