Month 8

Dear Benjamin,
I cannot believe that it’s time for me to write this letter again! I can’t keep up with how quickly time is going by! It feels like a lot has happened in the last month, hopefully I can remember it all to share with you.

You had your first hospitalization. On Sunday February 12, after your morning nap you passed out. Your mouth and nose turned blue, and your eyes rolled back in your head, and you lost consciousness. So, after a quick phone call to an RN, we were told to take you to the ER to get checked out. You had two EKGs, and a Chest X-Ray, and after a few hours in the ER, we were told that you were fine, and we could take you home. You have what’s called “Breath Holding Spells.” It basically means that when you get mad or upset, that you can involuntarily hold your breathe until you pass out. This is super scary for us and you, but we’re told that you’ll outgrow it, and it shouldn’t cause any lasting harm.

Your Dad and I also sleep trained you. After a week of getting less than 4 hours a sleep a night, we finally screamed “uncle” and set up a plan to help you learn to sleep though the night. You took to it really well, and we only had to listen to you cry for about 30 minutes before you went to sleep for the night. We would check on you periodically, to let you know we were near by. Each time you woke up, you cried for less and less time. After two nights, you pretty much figured it out on your own, and now unless you’re hurt or there’s something wrong, you sleep really well. And, pretty much now you sleep from 8:30 at night until 8:30 in the morning. I wake you up at 6:15ish to nurse before I head out to work, and then lay you back down.

I’ve reached out to the NC Infant Toddler Program about you. Just like your brother, I’ve noticed that you’re not reaching some of your milestones. You are not rolling over from back to tummy. If someone is holding you, and another person comes up and holds their hands out to you, you will not reach for people. It seems like your arms a little bit stiff, and you have a hard time lifting them up. You also aren’t making any strides toward crawling, or even trying to get on your knees. We have an appointment for them to come and assess you on March 15.

You’re doing really well with food! You LOVE mandarin oranges! Your Gram feeds them to you all the time, and you just slurp them down. You’re also a fan of avocado, peaches, spinach, rice, beans, just to name a few.  So far, the only thing you’re not a fan of are bananas. You love to feed yourself, and you are trying to be more and more independent. All that eating that you’re doing is made easier now that you have FOUR teeth.  Babyled weaning has been going really well with you.  I think that you really like eating the same thing as everyone else.

You have a temper! Oh my goodness. You are very quick to get mad, and you will show your displeasure in a few ways. One is to buck your hips and grunt. If you’re sitting on the sofa, this will cause you to slump backwards and you will eventually be lying all the way down on the sofa because of that. Another, is to shriek, scream or cry. If we’re holding you and have to set you down for a millisecond to do something else, you will give an ear piercing screech to announce that you’re upset. And, if we don’t get to you soon enough that screech will become a full blown temper cry. However, while you’re quick to get mad, you’re also quick to cool off – so at least there’s that.

You’ve learned a sign from baby sign language! We’ve been working on the sign for “milk.” And you sign this one frequently. However, we think that you really just use the sign to signal for food. You use it at the dinner table to tell us “more.” You sign it to me while I’m getting your pjs on at night before I start nursing you before bed. But, at least you’re communicating!  

You love to laugh! Henry can make you laugh like no one else, which is super cute to watch! You are also incredibly ticklish, which is just adorable, and I can’t resist tickling you to hear your squeal with laughter.  It seems like there isn’t a single place on your body that isn’t ticklish.

Benjamin, you are so much fun to be around. I love how much you have changed my life, and all of it for the better. You bring so much brightness to our family. The atmosphere in the room changes when you’re in it. Your smile and laugh spread to everyone around you. I love you so much. Thank you for being my son. Thank you for everything that you’ve given me. You mean the world to me, and you always will!

Keep growing!




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