Month 6

Dear Benjamin,

You are now 6 months old!  Holy crap where has the time gone!  My brain is literally having trouble coming to terms that you are already half of a year old.  I just can’t fathom it, it really doesn’t want to compute….

A lot of has happened this month.  You celebrated your first Christmas and Hanukkah this year!  Christmas this year was kind of a let down.  Our whole family (me, dad, Henry, Gram, Bubby, Aunt Jenn and Aunt Jess) all got a horrible stomach bug, and were unable to open gifts or do much of anything except run to the bathroom to throw up, or…yeah.  Dude, taking care of a baby while having a vicious stomach bug is seriously hard.  I think your Dad and I deserve Parent Merit Badges for it.  We took 1.5 hour shifts, so while one was sleeping for 1.5 hours, the other would be taking care of you.  Thankfully, it was relatively short lived, and we were mostly able to open gifts on Christmas evening.  You don’t really comprehend this whole gift thing yet, but I’m sure it’ll be no time before you’re ready to dive into your presents.  Right now you seem to be having more fun playing with the paper than the actual gift inside…sigh.  But, you do look super cute in your yarmulke!

You’ve officially started to say “mama” and “dada.”  Your dad and I can’t be sure if you’re saying just a bunch of random syllables, or if you actually know the meaning behind those sounds, so we’re not ready yet to say they’re first words.  I do love hearing you say “mama” though, it melts my heart.

You officially have your first tooth!  It’s barely poking through your bottom gum right now, but it’s there, shiny and white and sharp as can be.  Seriously, I feel like I blink and you’re reaching another milestone and getting older!  Slow down!  I can’t keep up!

We’ve introduced you to solid foods, and you are loving it!  We’ve delved right into table food, just like we did with your brother.   The other night you had some blueberry french toast, minus the syrup (meant for Christmas morning, but we were too sick to eat it) and my goodness you gobbled it down!  Last night you ate some penne pasta for dinner and really seemed to like that as well.  So, we’ll just keep going like we’re going!

Nursing has been a lot smoother since you’ve had your tongue tie and lip tie revision.  You’re not chewing as your nurse anymore (thank goodness), and we’re not having near as many latch issues as we use to.  You’ve also started to become more and more efficient.  What use to take you 45+ minutes now only seems to take you 15-30 or so, which is awesome!  The one thing that hasn’t changed is that you still take a while to nurse to sleep at night.  I’ll usually start at 7:45, and lately it’s taken us until after 10:00 for you to go to sleep.  You fight sleep at every turn.

We went clothes shopping for you the other day.  We can no longer put you in Henry’s hand-me-downs because you’re in 9-12 month clothes, and all of Henry’s old clothes that size are for spring and summer.  So, we went and stocked you up on jammies, and cute little outfits that will keep you warm this winter.  You’re going to be one stylish little man.

As far as sleep is concerned, I wish I could say that you slept as well as you did when you were a newborn, but you don’t.  You wake up at least once a night, and up to 3 or 4 times a night.  We haven’t done any sleep training with you like we did with Henry, but unless things start to improve soon, it’s coming.  I’m hoping the more solids you eat, the longer you’ll sleep.  But, eventually we’ll need to cut out your middle of the night nursing session.  For now, it’s just the easiest way to get you to go back to sleep.

You’re usually such a happy little guy, full of smiles and you’re quick to chuckle.  You love to snuggle, but you’re also perfectly fine to play on your own.  I love watching discover everything.  The older you get the more you become desensitized to life, but watching you take such just in watching trees out the car window, or be enamored with a stalk of broccoli, it brings the wonder of the world back to me as well.

I love you so much Benjamin.  You are my light, my reason and my joy.  I hope your keep that wonder as long as possible, and I’ll try my best to help you.



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