Month 5

Dear Benjamin,
Stop growing so quickly! I swear these days are just flying by!!! It feels like I blink and you’re another month older. A lot has happened this past month, so I hope that I can get it all down for you.

In late October I took you in to see a lactation consultant because we were having some issues with breastfeeding. You would pop on and off in rapid fire succession. You would make a lot of clicking noises while nursing. I was nursing you about every 1-1.5 hours. Add all of that together and it was making for a lot of frustration for you and me. So, off to an IBCLC we went.
This IBCLC observed a feeding and then poked around your mouth for a while, and then gave us the news that she believed that you had a tongue tie and that it would really help for us to get that cut. Apparently, this tongue tie was also responsible for your reflux and gassiness as well.

Your Dad and I chewed over this news for a while. We were researching and thinking about what would be best for you. We took you to your pediatrician on November 4, and they disagreed about the tongue tie… I had two conflicting assessments, which lead me to research and think on it some more.

Finally I made an appointment for you to see a doctor who specializes in tongue and lip ties so we could get a last opinion on the situation. This doctor was a dentist in Apex, and he diagnosed you with a mild – moderate tongue tie and a severe lip tie. We made the decision to have both of them cut with a laser.

Your recovery has been rough. Three days of sleepless nights for you and me, but you’re finally on the mend and doing much better.

Since it’s started to get colder out, you’ve also developed a case of eczema. We took you to your pediatrician yesterday to get your skin condition formally diagnosed. We have a steroid cream to rub on you, but I’m also smearing you in lubriderm several times a day. Also, when you do get baths, we wash you in dove and I’ve been rubbing breast milk on you as well since I’ve read that it can help. I don’t think the eczema bothers you, but it looks and feels awful…sorry baby….

You celebrated your first Halloween this past month and you were Yoda! I was Luke Skywalker and your brother was Darth Vader. Your Dad was a party pooper and refused to dress up. However, he did get about 25 of his band kids to volunteer to follow you and Henry from house to house playing the Imperial March, so that was pretty cool. It was a neighborhood sensation, and I’ve been asked by many people what we’re going to do next year….

You’re gaining weight like crazy…..yesterday at the peds office you were 18 lbs…..That’s the same size as the turkey we’re getting for Thanksgiving….Your Gram is calling you her little butterball.

The frenectomy has screwed up your sleep, and for the past week you’ve been in our bed at night so that your Dad and I don’t have to walk back and forth 17 times a night from our room to your. But, last night you actually spent the whole night in your room and didn’t wake up once. So, let’s repeat that again please.

You’re starting to reach for things, and play with things. You love to be in your exersaucer and manipulate all the stuff it has on it. You love this soft blanket bear that we call ‘fuzzy bear.’ You still love to watch Henry, and you’re even starting to interact with him, it’s pretty cool to watch.

This past month you rolled over for the first time! Your Gram sent me a message at work that you rolled over from tummy to back, and I literally cried at my desk. I was so happy for you, and so devastated that I missed that important milestone…I know that it won’t be the only one that I miss. I hate that I can’t stay home with you and be there for all of your acheivments. I would if I could.   

I love you so much Benjamin. You are amazing and fill my life with so much joy and love. Thank you for being my awesome little boy. You definitely keep me on my toes, but that’s just another reason why I love you so. Keep growing, but slow down just a tiny bit….
I love you,

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