Tongue Tie Revision Consultation

This evening J and I are taking Ben to a dentist about an hour from our house to get an opinion on if he has a tongue tie.  
A few weeks ago I took him to a lactation consultant because of some BF issues. After a lengthy visit, she told us that she believes he has a tongue tie. A week later, we took him in for his 4 month well visit and discussed it with his pediatrician. The pediatrician disagreed with the tongue tie assessment and instead said that she believes that he has a bubble palate (which the lactation consultant also mentioned). So, this evening we’re taking him to someone who specializes in tongue ties and can tell us for certain if Ben has one. 

The appointment is expensive. It’s $92 just for the consultation. However, if it’s discovered that he needs to have a frenectomy, that goes towards the procedure. The procedure itself is around $360, and we have to pay up front. The good news is that they do file with insurance and if our insurance company covers any of it, we’ll get reimbursed. More good news is that if Ben needs the frenectomy, they’ll be able to do it tonight.

The frenectomy is a quick procedure; it’s over in about 2 minutes, and from what I understand most of that time is taken to restrain the child. I am nervous about a potential recovery period, and how difficult it might be. But, if it will help with his nursing, then I think it’s worth it. 


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