Sleep Like A Baby

I don’t think I will ever understand baby sleep.
I really feel like as soon as you are used to one routine, things change. For the past several weeks, Ben has been waking up 2 to 3 times a night. This was becoming so common that I would often wake up a few minutes before he did because my internal clock was expecting it!

Last night was different. Instead of me waking up because my baby was crying and hungry, I was waking up because my baby wasn’t waking up….That’s right….I couldn’t sleep because I kept expecting to be woken up any moment….a moment that didn’t arrive until 4:30 this morning.  

I woke up multiple times last night and had to lull myself back to sleep each time. If I remember correctly, J even woke up with me, and he got up just to make sure that Ben was ok….and he was…he was just sleeping. You know, that thing that all parents want their babies to do. But, when it happens it then creates so much anxiety that us new parents (and new again parents) still can’t sleep because we NEED to know that everything is ok.

I’m actually wondering if this post is making any sense. My sleep deprived brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. And that’s funny, because my brain should be well rested….


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