Tongue Tie

I’ve been having some issues with breastfeeding lately. I’ve been having some engorgement, and Ben’s been having some green poops and a lot of gassiness. He also pulls on and off a lot during nursing – to the point that we both get frustrated. And, he also makes a lot of clicking sounds when he nurses. That information lead me to believe that I was having an over supply issue, so I called the hospital lactation consultants and asked for an appointment so I could get some help.
My appointment was yesterday afternoon at 4:00. I picked Ben up after work and my mom came with us to the appointment. Ben hadn’t had a bottle since 1:00, so he should have been hungry. I actually remembered the lactation consultant from the hospital when Ben was born.  

We stripped him down to his diaper and she weighed him – and he was 15 lbs and 15 oz. After that, I got settled in the chair and started nursing him. Ben did his thing where he would nurse for 3 second and then pull off, and he repeated that process for about 15 times in a row. The lactation consultant observing the whole thing. We then switched sides when it was apparent that he and I were getting frustrated with the process, and he nursed again with the same pattern of breaking off every few seconds. Then she re-weighed him, and somehow he ingested about 2 ounces of milk (I’m surprised at that).  

The lactation consultant then asked if she could poke around inside his mouth, and I consented. She then told me that she thinks he has a frenulum issue. The frenulum is that thick membrane that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. In Ben’s case, it’s too tight, short and located too far forward. This inhibits his ability to get a good suck going and she believes it’s causing all of his issues with nursing.  

She went on to say that right now my milk supply is good, but that he’s basically living off of my letdown, and she believes that soon we’d start to see his weight drop as my milk supply decreases from him not effectively emptying my breasts.

She then gave me a hand pump and had me express off everything that was left in my boobs. I got 3 ounces from my right, and 1 one my left. 4 ounces of milk that he didn’t eat, that over time my body would stop producing because it thinks it’s not needed…

So, while I research this, I’m to pump to empty my boobs at work, and I’m to start pumping twice a day when I get home – both after feedings.

We have out 4 month appointment next week and I’m going to bring this up to his pediatrician. But, I’m really starting to lean towards having his frenulum cut. From what I’ve gathered so far, Ben’s frenulum could cause him to stop gaining weight, to have speech issues later in life (J has a speech impediment, and apparently it’s hereditary). It can also cause gum recession, migraines, reflux (which Ben has), and a bunch of other problems.

I asked the lactation consultant if Ben was her child is she would have his frenulum snipped, and she said yes. I have a lot of thinking to do right now. 

If you were in this situation, what would you do?       


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