Month 4

Dear Benjamin,
Today we have hit the 4 month mark! My goodness how time is flying by!! It’s just amazing to me how much you’re growing and changing and developing! Your personality is really starting to shine through. You’re usually one happy baby, but you also have a temper on you, and when that temper comes out…..oy…You smile and laugh all the time. You also study everything around you and just take it all in. You especially love watching Henry, and when Henry plays with you and pays attention to you, you just light up!  

The other day, you were in your exersaucer playing, and were starting to fuss a little bit, and Henry came over and was showing you how to move some of the stuff on it, and you immediately stopped fussing, started watching Henry intently and then tried to do what he was showing you. It was a moment that melted my heart.

You’ve started to blow raspberries, and it’s adorable. Your Dad, Gram and I all blow raspberries at you, and then you’ll do it right back! It’s so fun to interact with you!! In other developmental news, you are not rolling over yet, but you’re close! We’ll put you on your tummy and your hips will rock back and forth like you’re trying, but you haven’t mastered it yet. It’s right around the corner I’m sure.

Right now you’re sleeping pretty well. I always feel nervous writing that, afraid I’m going to jinx it. Right now you’re struggling to go to sleep. It takes us a while to get you calmed down and ready for bed, but once that happens, you’ll sleep really well. Last night you slept from 10:00 – 6:00. I had to wake you up at 6 to feed you before I went to work, but then you slept until 8:30 after that. Naps are a bit of a different story. Some days you’ll have your 3 naps just fine, other days…..not so much.  

Nursing has been interesting lately. Right now I believe I’m struggling with an over supply. You sputter and cough a lot while nursing, you also pull on and off quite a bit, and it gets super frustrating for both me and you, not to mention that you’ve been having a lot of bright green poops. I have an appointment next week to meet with a lactation consultant so we can figure out if I do have an over supply, and what to do about it.

At 4 Months Old you LOVE:

Playing – either people playing with you or you manipulating toys.

Singing – you just smile ear to ear when we sing to you



Henry – my goodness how you love him. You always watch him and want to interact with him, and you just light up when he plays with you
At 4 Months Old you HATE:



Tummy time….I thought it was getting better, but not really. It just makes you MAD. You’ll tolerate it for a few minutes, and then you get angry. And even after we get you off your tummy you’ll do your angry cry for a solid 5 minutes to vent your frustration

Hunger – this seems obvious, but if I don’t get to you quickly enough, you completely lose your cool and just act like you’re never going to eat again

Exhaustion – you do not like being tired

I love you so much. You’re bringing so much joy and fun into our lives. I love to watch you, and I keep wondering what you’re going to be like when you’re older. Your personality is starting to shine through. As of right now, I believe that you’re a fun loving little boy, who loves to laugh and smile. You’re quick to get angry and frustrated, but you’re also fairly quick to get over your anger and frustration and move on. You also seem like you’re going to be independent. You like to sleep on your own and not be held while you sleep. But, you seek that cuddle and touch when you’re awake. You study everything right now. I can see wheels turning as you watch and try and manipulate things – it’s really fascinating to watch.

I love you Ben, remember, no matter how big you get, you’ll always be my baby.



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