Long Night

Last night is a blur and not even in an alcohol induced kind of way….
Everything was running smoothly for the most part. We started getting Henry ready for bed at 8:30, and he was asleep by 9. Ben was being a little more complicated though.  

Ben was fussy all through the early evening, and was down right cranky while J and I were trying to get Henry through his bedtime routine. It got to the point that J had to take Ben out of the room so I could finish reading Henry a bedtime story and then sing him his song.  

Once I got Henry to bed, I went into Ben’s room to nurse him and get him ready. He was already PJ’d and night-time-diapered-up, so all there was left to do was hook him up to the boob and rock him to sleep. That started at 9:10…..

Ben fell asleep on me almost immediately. So, I had J come in to annoy Ben into waking up some more so he could fill his belly, you know, so he’d actually sleep through the night. When I had a fussy and crying, albeit awake baby again, I hooked him back up to the boob and he nursed for a much longer period of time.  

Then, we started to play a night time game that I hate. All mothers know this game. It’s the “I’m going to nurse to sleep, but I’ll wake up the second you put me in my crib” game. We played that game until 10:30, when I finally won.

So, I snuck out of Ben’s room, crawedl into my bed (next to an already asleep J) and am out by 11. I get six hours of straight sleep before I’m woken up by Ben’s cries at 5.

I enlist J to help me change Ben’s diaper, and then I nurse him again. But, because I only got 6 hours of sleep, I fall asleep while nursing him. The first time I wake up, it’s 5:30, so I make Ben switch sides. And, then I continue to doze for a while, and the next time I look at the clock….it’s 6:00….. I have to be at work by 7…..

I start doing that loud whisper for help, and after several attempts, J comes into Ben’s room. I tell him that I’ve got to get in the shower and get ready for work, but Ben is still eating and won’t let me put him down. J and I bicker back and forth about who’s going to sit with the baby, and who’s going to be late for work. We end up waking up my mom so she can rock Ben, and I can start getting ready.

In the end….I’m late for work AGAIN, sleep deprived and in a shitty mood. How can it be such a bad day already and only be 10:00?


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