Month 2

Dear Benjamin,

You’re now 2 months old!!  I can hardly believe how fast time is flying.  I knew it would go by quickly, but it seems to be going by even faster the second time around.

The changes you’ve made in the past month are astounding.  You smile all the time, you’re cooing and “talking” more and more.  You’re following people and objects with your eyes, and your head and neck control is so much better.

Sleep is going really well with you.  You’re either waking up once a night, or sleeping all the way through the night, which is awesome.  You love to be swaddled up tightly, and you really like to be warm.  We put you in your cute pjs, and then swaddle you with a thick blanket or sleep sack, and once that happens you’re good to go.  You’re still sleeping in my and your dad’s room, in an inclined napper that’s attached to the pack ‘n play.  I have no idea how to transition you to your crib, or when to do it.  Honestly, I’m not in a rush to move you out, I like having you near by.

You’re nursing really well.  You take about 40 minutes total to nurse, and you’re getting faster by the day.  You also take a bottle really well, which is great considering that I only have two more weeks of maternity leave until I go back to work (which I’m having major anxiety about btw).

Diaper changes with you are interesting.  You like to toy with us.  You’ll poop, and we’ll go up and change your diaper.  Once we have your diaper off, and your tushie clean, you’ll poop again….with no diaper on, which makes us scramble to get a wipe, or diaper under your bum to catch it all.  Then, when we get you cleaned up again, and freshly diapered, we’ll pick you up and head to the stairs…..and you’ll poop again….And it doesn’t matter how long we wait to change you after the first poop, you do this routine 3 to 4 times a week.  We go through so many diapers because of these rapid fire poops.  Oy.

At two months old you LOVE:

  • Nursing / Eating
  • Swaddles
  • Your swing
  • Being held
  • People smiling at you
  • Diaper Changes (there are a lot of those)
  • Baths / Showers
  • Henry (you watch him all the time and smile looking at him so much, it’s adorable!)
  • Singing

At two months old you HATE:

  • Being tired
  • Being cold
  • Getting out of the bath / shower (which is really just an extension of being cold)
  • Lotion

Overall, you’re a really happy baby.  And, when you’re unhappy, there’s usually a pretty clear reason why.  I will say that you do have a temper on you.  Your “mad” cry is pretty clear, and not to mention loud.

I love you so much.  You bring to much happiness and joy to the family, and in such a short time, you’ve really made your mark on all of us.






4 Years Old

Dear Henry,

I just want to say that you don’t have a 3 year letter because I dropped the ball.  We were in the middle of selling our house and looking for a new one when you hit 3, and then we were almost homeless because we closed on our house and had yet to find a new one to move into until a week before we closed….it was a very stressful time.  So, sorry about that, my bad.

Recently you’ve just turned 4.  My itty bitty baby has been replaced with a sturdy, rambunctious, vivacious preschooler!  It’s just amazing to look how you’ve grown and changed through the last 4 years.

This past year you started your first year of preschool.  It was at a Montessori school, and you went Monday-Friday for half a day (8:30-12:30).  You loved your school, and had two major friends while there: Harry and Kennedy.  You seemed to really like going to school, and really liked your teacher Ms. Gabby.  For reasons I won’t get into now, you’re not going to be returning to that school, but are starting PreK at a private school 4 minutes from our house.  I’m really excited about it, and I’m hoping it’ll be a great fit.

Right now you’re super into puzzles.  I feel like you could do puzzles all day long.  It’s so interesting to watch you work a new puzzle.  The first time you work one, you’ll ask for help.  Then, once the puzzle is complete, you’ll take it apart in sections as if you’re memorizing each part.  Once you’ve learned the different parts, you’ll take the whole thing apart, and put it back together on your own.  Right now you’re consistently working on 50-100 piece puzzles.

You’re also taking gym classes once a week at The Little Gym.  It’s really helping your coordination, reflexes and motor skills.  You always have the biggest smile while you’re there.

The biggest transition for you this year is that you went from being an only child, to a big brother.  You were so excited to be a brother while I was pregnant, and once your brother arrived, you’re even more excited.  You constantly want to hold Ben, and feed him, and look at him while he’s awake.  You constantly ask “Are Ben’s eyes open?!”  Mostly because as a small infant he sleeps a lot, and you love to interact with him when he’s awake.  You help us with his diaper changes, and have been really great about being patient with us when we’re holding a fussy/crying/upset baby.  We couldn’t have asked for you to handle this transition any better.

You’re also into books, and we read at least one to you every night before bed, but lately you’ve been bringing books to us to read to you during the day.  There is also a small stack of books that you’ve memorized enough that you can “read” to us, which is just awesome.  You can “read”  Brown Bear, Snuggle Puppy, Where’s Spot and a few others.  You’re amazing.

I’m so proud of the little boy that you’re becoming.  Your so bright, loving, inquisitive, happy and empathetic – just to name a few.  I could literally go on for days using adjectives that describe you.  I’m so proud to be your Momma.  Thank you for being my wonderful little boy.  Try not to grow up so fast.