One Month

Dear Benjamin,

You’re one month old today!!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun!!!  I’m so in love and enamored with you.  I love to hold you and cuddle you every chance that I get.  I have missed the baby snuggles so much, and just want to soak up every moment I can with you.  I feel like I’ve waited to hold you for so long, and now that you’re hear I just can’t get enough.  You have made our family complete.

You’re having bouts of colic or reflux in the evenings.  Our pediatrician gave us a prescription for the reflux to see if it will help.  But, from 4 pm to usually when we go up to bed you’re a cranky pants.  Some nights are better than others.  On the easy nights you just want to nurse more, and then cry when you’re off the boob.  On the bad nights you scream no matter what we do.  I hate to see you cry and know that there’s nothing that I can do about it.  Your dad and I just try to hold you and reassure you that you’re fine.  Hopefully, this will get easier soon.  You’re such a happy little guy when you’re not crying.

You’ve started to smile, and it’s the most beautiful sight!  I love your smile.  You smile with your whole mouth.  You don’t just lift the corners, but your whole mouth opens wide and lifts up.  You can’t look at you and not smile back, it’s quite infectious.

You’re breastfeeding so well, and gaining weight.  At your one month well visit you’re up to 9 lbs and 9 oz, and 22 inches long!  It’s such a relief to know that you’re growing so well.  You had your first bottle today, and took it like a champ.  That will be a comfort to me when I go back to work in a few weeks.

You’re sleeping so great too!  At night you’ll usually sleep for 4 hours your first stretch, and then 2-3 hours after that.  However, when you’re going through a growth spurt you nurse what seems like every 45 minutes….During the day we’re starting to get you on a schedule where you eat, sleep, play and repeat.

I’m just so impressed on how well you’re doing, and how easy things have been the second time around (knock on wood).  It seems I’ve remembered more than I thought I would about life with a newborn.

At One Month You Love:

  • Cuddle and snuggles
  • Your swing
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Showers
  • Walks outside

At One Month You Hate:

  • Diaper changes
  • Having a dirty diaper (the irony)
  • Baths
  • Being hungry
  • Being tired
  • Lotion – just like your brother, you scream every time I put some on you after a bath or shower
  • If there was a “Tolerate” column tummy time would fall into it.  You don’t love it, but for the first few minutes you’ll be ok with it.

I love you so much!  You’re so sweet and just a joy.  You’ve brought such happiness and light to us that I didn’t even know was possible.



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