Week 40

Dear Baby,

Well, we made it to the due date….We are 40 weeks today.  I’m a little shocked that I’m still pregnant.  I really thought that you’d be out by now.  I guess that you just really like it in there, and are still comfy enough to hang out for a while.  I know that you’re getting pretty squished and have to be running out of room, but that doesn’t seem to be making that big of a difference to you.  Maybe you’ll be an easy going little thing like your brother.

At 40 weeks you’re the size of a watermelon…..a freaking watermelon.  And, it definitely looks like I swallowed one.  Right now you’re hair and nails are continuing to grow, and you’re still working on your lung  and brain development.  Other than that, you’re pretty much done cooking.  I think everyone is chomping at the bit waiting for your arrival, and I’m no different.

Everything is done and ready to go for you.  Your Gram finished making an heirloom baby blanket for you, and I finished knitting a blanket for you that I hope becomes your lovie.  Your room is all set.  Your diapers are ready to go.  Your clothes are all clean and hung up, waiting for you to fill them.  Your Dad and I are both on summer break right now, so whenever you’re ready to come out, we’re ready to snuggle you and love you.

Because of the heat in June, I’ve become a swollen and puffy person.  My feet and hands seem to be perpetually swollen.   I’m also pretty uncomfortable, and I’m no longer sleeping very well, mostly because of how huge I am.  I’m also am unable to stop myself from assessing every single twinge, cramp and contraction that I feel – which is starting to drive me insane.  I feel like I stop and think “is this it?” about every 4.3 seconds.  I just need labor to start so I don’t end up losing any more of my mind.

I have my 40 week midwife appointment tomorrow, and it’s going to be a long one.  We have a NST (non-stress test), an ultrasound and a midwife appointment wrapped into one.  A big part of me is hoping that I have cause to not keep that appointment, but that all depends on you.  Come on out, we all want to meet you!

I love you so much!




One thought on “Week 40

  1. every day past 40 is torture. It always seemed like 40 was the finish line and then someone is just continually moving the finish line further and further away with every step you take, wondering if you will ever really make it! hang in there!

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