Week 39

Dear Baby,
I was really thought that you’d be out by now, but it looks like I’m just going to have to continue to be patient. At the 39 week mark you’re the size of a pumpkin and you can flex your limbs (I can feel this). Your brain is still developing, which means that you’re getting smarter by the moment. You probably weigh in the range of 6.2 – 9.2 lbs. I’m hoping for closer to 6.2…and you’re measuring somewhere around 19 +- inches long.

I’m feeling super uncomfortable. I keep getting kicked in the cervix, and let me tell you, that it is as horrible as it sounds. Your movements are also getting pretty strong, and cause me to wince a lot just from the full force of them. Sleeping badly has finally hit me. I think it’s just from being so huge and not being able to get comfortable. I wake up a lot, but I’m always able to go back to sleep. Since it’s June, I’m also a swollen and puffy person. And, for whatever reason my right side always swells more than my left….weird.

We had a false alarm this past Friday. I was having regular contractions at work all day. They started somewhere around 9:00 am and were about 10 minutes apart. When I got home, they bumped up to 8 minutes apart, and then continued to work their way down to 7 minutes apart. And then, around 10 pm, they slowed way down, and then stopped somewhere in the middle of the night while I slept. Your Dad and I were so excited, and we really thought that I was in labor. We were so disappointed on Saturday when we woke up and everything was back to normal. I’m so ready for you to be born! Hopefully it’ll be soon, but I’m starting to worry that you’re going to be born on our anniversary, which is tomorrow…if you could stay away from that day, I would so appreciate it. =)-

I’m so ready and excited to meet you. I feel like I say that every week, but it’s true. I’m ready to hold you in my arms and marvel that you’re mine. I’m ready for you to complete our family. I’m just ready. I love you so much!  

See you soon,



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