Baby’s Here

It’s a boy!

On June 19 at 4:23 am, Benjamin Sean was born.  He’s 8 lbs 6 ozs and 20.5 inches long.  Baby and I are doing great!

I’ll be sure to get the birth story up as soon as I can.


Week 40

Dear Baby,

Well, we made it to the due date….We are 40 weeks today.  I’m a little shocked that I’m still pregnant.  I really thought that you’d be out by now.  I guess that you just really like it in there, and are still comfy enough to hang out for a while.  I know that you’re getting pretty squished and have to be running out of room, but that doesn’t seem to be making that big of a difference to you.  Maybe you’ll be an easy going little thing like your brother.

At 40 weeks you’re the size of a watermelon…..a freaking watermelon.  And, it definitely looks like I swallowed one.  Right now you’re hair and nails are continuing to grow, and you’re still working on your lung  and brain development.  Other than that, you’re pretty much done cooking.  I think everyone is chomping at the bit waiting for your arrival, and I’m no different.

Everything is done and ready to go for you.  Your Gram finished making an heirloom baby blanket for you, and I finished knitting a blanket for you that I hope becomes your lovie.  Your room is all set.  Your diapers are ready to go.  Your clothes are all clean and hung up, waiting for you to fill them.  Your Dad and I are both on summer break right now, so whenever you’re ready to come out, we’re ready to snuggle you and love you.

Because of the heat in June, I’ve become a swollen and puffy person.  My feet and hands seem to be perpetually swollen.   I’m also pretty uncomfortable, and I’m no longer sleeping very well, mostly because of how huge I am.  I’m also am unable to stop myself from assessing every single twinge, cramp and contraction that I feel – which is starting to drive me insane.  I feel like I stop and think “is this it?” about every 4.3 seconds.  I just need labor to start so I don’t end up losing any more of my mind.

I have my 40 week midwife appointment tomorrow, and it’s going to be a long one.  We have a NST (non-stress test), an ultrasound and a midwife appointment wrapped into one.  A big part of me is hoping that I have cause to not keep that appointment, but that all depends on you.  Come on out, we all want to meet you!

I love you so much!





This is officially the longest that I have ever been pregnant…
Henry was born at 39 weeks and 2 days. I’m now currently 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant with #2. I am so ready to be done.  

I wish I was one of those people who enjoyed being pregnant, but I’m not. I just find the whole process miserable. From horrid morning sickness in the first trimester where you can keep nothing down, to the sheer exhaustion that persists well into the second trimester and then comes back in the third. Anyone who says that you start to feel better at 14 weeks is a liar. Not to mention that I really miss alcohol….

Then (for me) comes the gestational diabetes. And all you can do is look and smell all the yummy food that pregnant women are supposed to be able to eat, and all you can do is munch on veggies…Although, there is something to be said for only gaining 9 lbs during the whole pregnancy (and that number keeps dropping every week).

I’m tired, sore and uncomfortable. I’m frustrated from having contractions that start and stop, and then start again only to stop later. I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m going to be pregnant forever. This is completely unreasonable, I get that, but it’s how I feel. I’m just ready to be done.  

Come on baby, come on out!!!!

Week 39

Dear Baby,
I was really thought that you’d be out by now, but it looks like I’m just going to have to continue to be patient. At the 39 week mark you’re the size of a pumpkin and you can flex your limbs (I can feel this). Your brain is still developing, which means that you’re getting smarter by the moment. You probably weigh in the range of 6.2 – 9.2 lbs. I’m hoping for closer to 6.2…and you’re measuring somewhere around 19 +- inches long.

I’m feeling super uncomfortable. I keep getting kicked in the cervix, and let me tell you, that it is as horrible as it sounds. Your movements are also getting pretty strong, and cause me to wince a lot just from the full force of them. Sleeping badly has finally hit me. I think it’s just from being so huge and not being able to get comfortable. I wake up a lot, but I’m always able to go back to sleep. Since it’s June, I’m also a swollen and puffy person. And, for whatever reason my right side always swells more than my left….weird.

We had a false alarm this past Friday. I was having regular contractions at work all day. They started somewhere around 9:00 am and were about 10 minutes apart. When I got home, they bumped up to 8 minutes apart, and then continued to work their way down to 7 minutes apart. And then, around 10 pm, they slowed way down, and then stopped somewhere in the middle of the night while I slept. Your Dad and I were so excited, and we really thought that I was in labor. We were so disappointed on Saturday when we woke up and everything was back to normal. I’m so ready for you to be born! Hopefully it’ll be soon, but I’m starting to worry that you’re going to be born on our anniversary, which is tomorrow…if you could stay away from that day, I would so appreciate it. =)-

I’m so ready and excited to meet you. I feel like I say that every week, but it’s true. I’m ready to hold you in my arms and marvel that you’re mine. I’m ready for you to complete our family. I’m just ready. I love you so much!  

See you soon,


Week 38

Dear Baby,
38 Weeks! We’ve got a little less than two more weeks until our estimated due date! We are seriously nearing the finish line of this pregnancy. I am so ready to be done being pregnant. I am so so so ready to meet you and get to know you!

According to my apps, you’ve got about an inch of hair, and you’re slowly shedding the vernix (cheesy white stuff) that’s covering your body. Other than that, you’re just basically packing on the ounces and working on lung development.  

I’m getting to the point in the pregnancy where it’s impossible to get comfortable. If I sit too long, my pelvis or back start to hurt. If I’m on my feet too long I get a little tired and a wee bit dizzy. Laying down is better, but it’s hard to find that comfortable position with this ginormous belly. I’m just overall ready to be done being pregnant! I’ve also been having a good deal of lower back pain lately, which has been accompanied by contractions. There have been several instances where I thought I was in early labor, but each time, the contractions stop. I’ve been really uncomfortable today, back pain, lots of pressure in the lady bits, and a few irregular contractions. Once again, I keep hoping that this is it! I guess time will tell.

A couple weeks ago I sent 11 of your diapers off to have the elastic replaced in them, and I just got them back and they look amazing! I had the leg and waist elastic replaced in all of them, and it was pretty economical as well. I think right now we have 17 bumgenius diapers, and 9 softbum diapers. So, I think we’re pretty much set. I can’t wait to strap one to you. A cloth diaper bubble butt is seriously one of the cutest things ever!    

I’m so ready to meet you! I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. Your Dad is just as eager as I am as well. Hopefully you’ll come out soon so we can shower you with love.

I love you so much!