Week 37

Dear Baby,
We are officially full term!! Which means that you could technically be born anytime now! I’m so excited for that, and so so ready. At 37 weeks you’re about 19 inches long, and a little over 6 lbs in weight. You’re working on some mad skills right now too. You’re practicing: inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking. You’re also working on making your first poo right now too. Hopefully you’ll wait until you’re out of my tummy to let loose on that.

I have been having round the clock contractions. I’ll wake up with them, and go to bed with them, and sometimes I’m woken up with them in the middle of the night. So far they aren’t painful, just an intense tightening, that sometimes get a crampy feeling to it. So, right now I think I’m having a lot of false labor. I’m ok with this though, especially if it helps labor be shorter and easier. I’m ready for you to make your debut any time. I’m so so ready for it. We’ve pretty much got everything ready for you, we just need you!

I had a midwife appointment last Friday, and you and I are doing great. My BP was 120/74 – hooray for me! I’ve lost weight since my 35 week appointment (about 1 lb). Your heart beat was measuring in the 130s, and my fundal height was right at 36 cm. So, we’re doing great! I have another appointment this Thursday, and hopefully I’ll receive nothing but good news again.

I sent a bunch of your diapers off to have the elastic replaced so they’ll be as good as new for when you’re here. You’re room is ready. The house is pretty much ready for you too. 

I’m so excited for you to be here. I really am. I wish I was more eloquent and could describe to you all the thoughts and emotions swirling through me. I’m excited for your arrival. I’m anxious to see how your brother will react to you. I’m a little terrified at the prospect of raising two kids, but very excited about it as well. I’m starting to get tired of waiting, and just want you here. So, come on out already! I want to meet you!

I love you,



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