My Uterus is Playing Mind Games With Me 

I believe I’ve mentioned that I’ve been having contractions on and off for just shy of 2 weeks now. While they’re not painful, they’re timeable – coming every 10 minutes or so, and on some days progressing up to every 5 minutes. It’s a lot of false labor (prelabor?) that makes me assess every single twinge, tightening or pain that I feel.
Last night was a little different. I got home from work around 4, snuggled with Henry and then was just puttering around the house when I noticed that I had a contraction that felt different. It was much crampier than what I’ve been feeling. More along the lines of period cramps. Trying not get my hopes up, I kept doing whatever it was I was doing, and then noticed I was having another contraction. They were coming about every 7 minutes or so. So, deciding to take advantage of them, I changed out of my work clothes and into gym clothes and went for a short walk around the neighborhood. Sure enough, that bumped the contractions up to every 5 minutes.

I started thinking “I think this is it.” “I think I might be in labor.” So, I started timing the contractions. I let my mom know what was going on, and called and talked J to let him know. I called my doula to put her on alert.

I continued to have contractions for the next several hours. They were very crampy feeling, they had a peak to them. My back, legs and hips were all starting to feel a good bit of pressure. I was really starting to think that I was in labor, early labor, but still labor…..and then….they slowed down…..and then stopped around 9:30 last night ….

These contractions starting and stopping, starting and stopping and starting and stopping again is really starting to mess with my head. Does this mean that labor will be starting sooner rather than later? Or am I going to be 42 weeks and talking about induction? This waiting game is awful, and the contractions jumping in to syke myself out aren’t helping…


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