Week 36

Dear Baby,
This week you’re the size of a papaya. You’re about 19 inches long, and weight about 5.5 lbs. You’re getting pretty close to being able to breathe on your own, which is super impressive and extremely important. I really want you to have that under control before you decide to come out. Most of your other organs are good to go at this point. Your liver and kidneys are functioning, as well as your immune and circulatory systems. Just a little while longer and you’re going to be more than ready for life on the outside.

36 weeks has been a bit of a roller coaster for us so far. Yesterday I was having regular contractions. They started at regular intervals around 9 am, and by the afternoon they had worked themselves up to be 10 minutes apart, and by dinner time they were 5 minutes apart. I was checked at the doctor’s office, and it was determined that it was just braxton hicks contractions because they weren’t causing me to dilate any further. Around 9:30 last night they finally slowed down and I only had one through the night that I can remember.

I’ve had some contractions today, but nothing regular and nothing painful. I am having back pain that comes and goes in waves which has me wondering if that pain is contractions….I guess we’ll see.

So, yesterday spurred me to get my hospital bag together. It’s not fully packed, as I still need a bunch of stuff until it’s time, but for the most part it’s packed. Your Gram got a bag packed for Henry too, so that we can just throw it in the car when the time comes. We also got your carseat installed in your Dad’s car. We got the pack ‘n play set up to put in our room (I think you’re going to sleep in it for the first little while – assuming that you will). So, I think we’re in a good place.  

I’m really excited for your arrival. I really, really am. I’m so looking forward to you being around and becoming an addition to our family (not that you’re not already). It won’t be long now. It’ll be just a few more weeks. I can’t wait!

Love you,



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