I have been having so much pressure in my lady parts the past few days. Yesterday it got so bad that I was having trouble walking. And, on top of the pressure I’m feeling, my lower back also started to ache yesterday afternoon. I ended up having to skip my evening walk last night because being on feet was just too painful.  
I’m starting to wonder if this pressure/pain is from the baby having dropped, and that it’s possibly causing me to dilate and efface already. I go to the midwife this afternoon, so hopefully she can give me some explanation and/or tips on relief for what I’m feeling. It seriously feels like I’ve been kicked in the hoo-ha.  

Staying off of my feet really seems to help, but I have to be on my feet a lot for my job (teaching). So, by the end of the work day I’m pretty much whimpering as I drive home. I’m hoping that I don’t have too much longer before this kiddo arrives, because I feel like I’m just struggling to make it through the day right now.


One thought on “Pressure

  1. I remember this happening to my coworker. Ouch Ouch. She said it felt like the baby was just going to fall out. The baby didn’t though 🙂 That sounds so uncomfortable. Hang in there! Excited for you!

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