Week 34

Dear Baby,
We’ve made it to 34 weeks. It’s really hard to believe how fast things are moving. You’re the size of a butternut squash – which means you’re almost 18 inches long, and around 5 lbs. You’re starting to recognize songs that you hear. I sing to your brother almost every night, and I plan on singing to you as well when you’re born, so hopefully my lullaby’s will be familiar and soothing to you when you finally join us on the outside. I think you’ve also dropped a bit. I have a little more breathing room now, and I feel way more pressure on my lady bits than I did previously. Not sure if you’ve dropped the full way or not though.

I’ve really upped my walking to just about every night. The rain seems to be the only thing to stop me. I also started doing yoga squats which are great hip openers. Every time I do one, I swear I feel your head sitting right on my cervix. I’m ok with that if it means that it’ll help with effacement and dilation. I’ve been sleeping alright through most of the pregnancy. I usually only get up to pee about once a night, sometimes twice. I’ve found that my body pillow really was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.

I’ve started to wash diapers and other things to get ready for your arrival. I don’t think we have too much more to do before you join us. We still have to install the car seats, but we’re waiting until 37ish weeks do that because of needing the space in the cars. I’m going to pack my hospital bag around 36 weeks – so it’s ready to go just in case. Your nursery is all set up and ready to go. The pack ‘n play is washed and waiting to be set up downstairs. I think for the most part we’re pretty ready for your arrival!

I’m starting to stress over how big you’re getting. I’m wondering if I’m doing enough to keep you small and healthy. I’m terrified of delivering a 9 lb+ baby. One of my friends just delivered a baby over 9 lbs, and that only upped my anxiety. Part of me wants to cut out carbs completely in the hope that you stay little and easily birthable. I have a midwife appointment next week, they’ll measure my tummy, and hopefully it’ll be right on the mark of where it should be.

I’m so excited for your arrival. I hope your birthday comes soon (or at least feel like it will be here soon). I can’t wait to hold you, and snuggle you and get to know you. I love you, keep growing – but reasonably so!



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