Week 33

Dear Baby,
This week you’re the size of a stalk of celery. According to the ultrasound I had last Friday, you’re weighing in at 5 lbs, but most of that is because of the length of your legs. Your head and chest are in the 60th percentile, but your legs are in the 90th…..I have no idea where you’re getting your length from…as I’m short, and your dad’s short, and all of our parents are short….So, we’ll just have to see how long you actually are when you’re born.  

Your cool develops this week are that you’re keeping your eyes open while you’re awake. You’re also starting to coordinate your breathing with sucking and swallowing. Those are some important skills, so make sure that you’re really working on those!

Yesterday we had a huge storm come through, and it was causing me to have contractions like crazy. It started around noon, and I was having contractions about every 30 minutes, and by the time I got home from work, they were 10-15 minutes apart. They didn’t start to slow down until after 5, and didn’t stop until around 7:30. So, that was fun. As excited as I am to meet you, you need to cook for a few more weeks, like 4-7 more weeks.

Your movements are getting stronger and stronger. You’re also hiccuping all the time. You usually get the hiccups 2 or more times a day, and you usually always have the hiccups when I’m about to eat lunch for some reason.  

We’re starting to finalize everything for your arrival. Today I ordered your diaper bag, wipes and wet bags (all of those items did not survive your brother, so you get brand new! I just have a few more things to get for you before we’ll be all set. I can hardly wait for you to be here. I’m so excited to meet you and watch your grow. I hope these next few weeks just fly by, and that you’ll be here before I know it!

I love you so much,


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