The other day we had our pediatric cardiologist appointment in the morning, and then we had a midwife appointment in the afternoon. I was so happy that J could come with me to both of these.
The pediatric cardiologist appointment took a little over an hour. They assessed me first: weight, height, bp, and asked a bunch of questions about the pregnancy and my medications.  
Then, they took me back to the ultrasound room. The ultrasound took about half an hour (maybe more) and the tech, while quite nice, hardly spoke, and when she did, it was all medical jargon that I didn’t know. So, my stress level was pretty high during the whole thing.
When the tech was done, she left to get the cardiologist. He came in looked at the pictures that the tech took, and then got the ultrasound back out to get a look himself. After about another 10 minutes of silence, he started talking to us and said that everything looked normal. They didn’t see a bright spot, or hole that the previous ultrasounds showed, so it looks like everything resolved itself.  
He went on to say that an ultrasound through me, through the baby might not be totally accurate, and that if anything is found after the baby is born, to ignore this ultrasound and its findings. But, to the best of his knowledge, everything looks perfect.
We were relieved to say the least.
J and I then went out to lunch. And had a nice afternoon out until the midwife appointment.
At the midwife’s office, they got my weight. it’s been the same the last 3 visits. My BP was slightly down at 124/84. When the midwife came in, she used the doppler to listen to the heartbeat. It was around 150 bpm. She measured my fundal height and that was 32 cm. Which is on the large side of normal. As I have GD, on my next visit, I have a midwife appointment, a biophysical ultrasound and a non-stress test. So, I’ll be there a while.
They increased my Metformin Rx because it’s not helping my fasting numbers at all. They’ve been going nowhere but up, which is beyond frustrating. I hate the meformin. The side effects of it are just awful. I’m nauseous again in the morning, and struggle not to throw up. I have awful indigestion that a pepcid can’t even touch. I get extremely fatigued on, and have brain fog almost all the time. And, to top it all off, I started throwing up again because of it and hardly able to eat past the indigestion pain. If the medication was helping, I think it would be one thing and I’d have hope to tough it out. But it’s not helping at all. I finally broke down and emailed my midwife to ask if there’s another Rx that I could switch to that might be easier on my system.
I’m now worried that the baby is going to be too big. I’m really trying to do everything in my power to make sure that I eat only GD approved items, and refrain from eating anything else. I’ve cut all ALL sweets, all added sugar and am on a diet very similar to keto, with a few carb items added in here and there. I’m really curious what the ultrasound is going to say as far as weight for the baby. My next appointment is April 22, so we’ll see I guess.

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