Week 29

Dear Baby,
We are currently in our 29th week! That means that this week you’re as a big as an Acorn Squash. You’re starting to get a little cramped in my tummy, which comes as no surprise, since I’m feeling the effects of you squishing everything. You’re still working on chubbing up. You’re growing white fat under your skin, which is helping with your energy! You’re measuring about 16 inches long, and weigh between 2.5 to 3.8 lbs!  

What’s new with me this week? Indigestion! It’s awful, and painful and for a few days I wasn’t able to eat hardly anything because of it. I’m now taking a 24 hour antacid, which helps a lot, but I still get twinges and pains from it. I never had any indigestion with your brother, so this was definitely new for me. 

I’ve also started on a Gestational Diabetes medication called Metformin. It knocked me out for a few days, but I seem to be getting used to it now, and the fatigue isn’t as bad as it was. My fasting numbers were good the first two days I took it, but now they’re all over the place again. I’m hoping with spring break ending and my schedule going back to normal that my numbers will lower again.

Your Dad and I got a good chunk of your nursery done! The dresser has been refinished. I painted it a bright red, and it looks really great in the room. We also painted the walls a pretty blue/gray color (although it turned out more blue than gray, but I still love the color). I’m really happy with how the room turned out. I think it’s calming and peacful and I can’t wait until you’re in it!

We still have to hang a bunch of things on the walls, but the majority of the room is put together!

Keep growing!  And know that I love you’d I much,


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