Week 28

Dear Baby,

This week you’re the size of an eggplant!  You’re starting to add more fat to your tiny frame, and I can sure testify to that!  I feel like I’m hungry all the time!  Your lungs are also fairly mature right now, and that if you were born now, you’d probably make it!  But, let’s keep you cooking for a little while longer, ok?

What’s new with me?  My blood pressure is up, for one.  Yesterday at my midwife appointment it was 138/84.  I’m hoping it’s because I’m a little sick with a cold, and that it’s not pregnancy related.  I guess that we’ll see how it is at my 30 week appointment.   I’ve also been put on a low dose of medication for the gestational diabetes, hopefully this will help with my fasting numbers, and keep you from being too big!

This week I’ve been busy!  I painted the dresser that’s in your nursery.  It was your dad’s from when he was little, so it was pretty beat up.  But, I painted it a super bright red, and it’ll look beautiful with the wall color that we chose, which is a bluish gray.    I’ve also started to take the wall paper border down in your room so that we can paint next week.  Hopefully, the removal won’t tear up the walls too much.

You and I go to the pediatric cardiologist on April 7.  They’ll use a super detailed ultrasound to look at your heart and make sure that it’s perfect and working like it should.  I’m nervous about the appointment.  I really want everything to be ok with you.  I want you to be healthy and happy and have no limitations put on you.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure that you’re getting everything that you could possibly need.

I love you so much!



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