Week 27

Dear Baby,
Depending on which internet search/website you trust, we’ve made it to the third trimester! Some sites say 27 weeks, others say 28. I honestly have no idea, but I’ll go with 27. This week you’re practicing your breathing and helping your lungs to develop. Your brain is also starting to get wrinklier! Meaning that you’re showing brain activity and that it’ll keep getting more and more wrinkled from here on out, which will make you one smart cookie.

Nothing much new to report with me. Same old, same old. With the weather warming up, I am noticing that my hands are feet are swelling slightly. Nothing compared to my last pregnancy (can you say cankle?), so at least that’s something. My wedding rings and shoes still fit.

You and I are getting referred to a pediatric cardiologist. Ultrasounds have shown a bright spot (why they call a bright spot a shadow, I’ll never understand) on your heart, which might be a hole in your heart wall. So, we’ll go and have a very detailed ultrasound done by a specialist, and we’ll know for sure if this is something we should worry about or not.

This past weekend we went all over town looking for things for your nursery. We went to two church consignment sales which turned out to be a bust, and then we went to Baby’s R Us to get what we needed. Your nursery is really coming together! I can’t wait until it’s done. It’ll be a sweet little oasis in our house.

I love you so much! I hope you’ll always know that. Keep growing!


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