Week 28

Dear Baby,

This week you’re the size of an eggplant!  You’re starting to add more fat to your tiny frame, and I can sure testify to that!  I feel like I’m hungry all the time!  Your lungs are also fairly mature right now, and that if you were born now, you’d probably make it!  But, let’s keep you cooking for a little while longer, ok?

What’s new with me?  My blood pressure is up, for one.  Yesterday at my midwife appointment it was 138/84.  I’m hoping it’s because I’m a little sick with a cold, and that it’s not pregnancy related.  I guess that we’ll see how it is at my 30 week appointment.   I’ve also been put on a low dose of medication for the gestational diabetes, hopefully this will help with my fasting numbers, and keep you from being too big!

This week I’ve been busy!  I painted the dresser that’s in your nursery.  It was your dad’s from when he was little, so it was pretty beat up.  But, I painted it a super bright red, and it’ll look beautiful with the wall color that we chose, which is a bluish gray.    I’ve also started to take the wall paper border down in your room so that we can paint next week.  Hopefully, the removal won’t tear up the walls too much.

You and I go to the pediatric cardiologist on April 7.  They’ll use a super detailed ultrasound to look at your heart and make sure that it’s perfect and working like it should.  I’m nervous about the appointment.  I really want everything to be ok with you.  I want you to be healthy and happy and have no limitations put on you.  I’m doing everything I can to make sure that you’re getting everything that you could possibly need.

I love you so much!




I had my 28 week midwife appointment yesterday.

They got my weight, which stayed the same since the last two weeks.  I then had my blood pressure taken.  Every reading so far has been a perfect 120/80, this time though, it was 138/84.

It was the first time that I had been taken to an exam room since around week 14.  We listened to the baby’s heart with the doppler, and it was measuring around 160 bpm.  She measured my bump, and I’m measuring in at 29 cm, so pretty close to where I should be.

Then we started talking.  She’s concerned about my blood pressure.  She said that she looked at my chart from my pregnancy with Henry, and that around 30 weeks is where my BP started to go up and get out of control.  So, she had me go for blood work to start checking for preeclampsia.  That word in and of itself is terrifying.  I never did develop it when I was pregnant with Henry, but I think if my pregnancy had gone any longer that I would have.  At this point, I’m not sure if my BP was high because I’m currently a little sick (stupid cold) or if it’s because of the pregnancy.  I’m really hoping that it will go down at my next appointment, but we’ll see.

Next, we started to talk about the gestational diabetes.  She’s concerned that my fasting levels are still too high (around 100), and as the pregnancy progresses, they’re more likely to keep getting higher.  So, she started me on a medication to help with the fasting numbers.  It’s not insulin, but I don’t know the name of the medication yet.  I go and pick it up this afternoon.

I also have an appointment for the pediatric cardiologist.  We go for that ultrasound on April 7 at 11:00, and then almost immediately following, I have a midwife appointment at 2:15 to go over the results.  She told me to ask for the results before we go so we can just take them with us to the appointment.  I’m nervous about this one.  I know that everything is probably going to be just fine, but I’m still worried.  Just thinking that there might be a hole in the baby’s heart causes stress in me like you wouldn’t believe.

Yeah, so, overall I left this appointment feeling overwhelmed and worried.  I hope the appointments on the 7th have better news for us…

Week 27

Dear Baby,
Depending on which internet search/website you trust, we’ve made it to the third trimester! Some sites say 27 weeks, others say 28. I honestly have no idea, but I’ll go with 27. This week you’re practicing your breathing and helping your lungs to develop. Your brain is also starting to get wrinklier! Meaning that you’re showing brain activity and that it’ll keep getting more and more wrinkled from here on out, which will make you one smart cookie.

Nothing much new to report with me. Same old, same old. With the weather warming up, I am noticing that my hands are feet are swelling slightly. Nothing compared to my last pregnancy (can you say cankle?), so at least that’s something. My wedding rings and shoes still fit.

You and I are getting referred to a pediatric cardiologist. Ultrasounds have shown a bright spot (why they call a bright spot a shadow, I’ll never understand) on your heart, which might be a hole in your heart wall. So, we’ll go and have a very detailed ultrasound done by a specialist, and we’ll know for sure if this is something we should worry about or not.

This past weekend we went all over town looking for things for your nursery. We went to two church consignment sales which turned out to be a bust, and then we went to Baby’s R Us to get what we needed. Your nursery is really coming together! I can’t wait until it’s done. It’ll be a sweet little oasis in our house.

I love you so much! I hope you’ll always know that. Keep growing!


Shadow on Heart Update

I had my midwife appointment on Friday. Overall it went really well. I voiced some concerns that I had about how my appointments have been going so far.-Taking forever to get back to me when I call or email

-Asking to see a nutritionist and being put off repeatedly

-Being told that the baby has a shadow on the heart and then that midwife refusing to tell us what that meant

We addressed all of these issues, came to a general consensus and were able to move forward. So, I felt really great about that.

I also had the ultrasound that was to look for/at the shadow on the baby’s heart. It’s still there, although much smaller. My midwife thinks that everything is going to be fine, but to be on the safe side, she is scheduling an ultrasound with a pediatric cardiologist to ultrasound the heart just to make sure. The pediatric cardiologist’s equipment will be able to see detail at a higher resolution, and that ultrasound should definitively tell us if there’s something wrong or not.

If the shadow on the heart is something, then it means that there’s a tiny hole in the baby’s heart. We didn’t talk about exactly what it means if there is a hole in the heart, so, we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. From what I’ve read online, it seems that these things are somewhat common, and that they usually close on their own. My midwife did stress to us that she doesn’t think that we have any reason whatsoever to worry, and that there’s a 90% chance that everything is perfectly fine.

I should hear from the pediatric cardiologist this week, and that ultrasound should be this week or next week. Then, I go back to the midwife on the 22nd for my 28 week appointment.

So, things are stressful but ok, if that makes any kind of sense.

Smoking and Asthma

A while ago Henry got a really bad cold that moved into his lungs. He coughed and coughed and coughed, was congested and drippy, and pretty much just miserable. The doctor saw him once and said that it was just a cold, and since he had no fever, this was something that his body just needed to fight. So, we gave him decongestants to make him more comfortable and cough medicine to help him sleep through the night. Over time, he got better, but his cough never completely went away.
We started noticing that his cough would come in bursts and attacks, and he would cough so hard that he would nearly throw up (that hasn’t happened yet).
I took him to the doctor again, and this time they told us that it looks like he has an asthma variant. That the cold affected his lungs so much that temperature changes, exertion or irritants can cause him to start coughing and bring on an attack. So, the doctor prescribed a steroid inhaler. It’s not a rescue inhaler, he’s to use it twice in the morning and twice at night for a month. We’re hoping that this will get rid of his cough, but if it doesn’t, we go back to the doctor in a month for a re-eval.  

Here’s where things get sticky. My mother-in-law is a smoker. As a person who has asthma, I know first hand how smoke can cause attacks. As a child, it sent me to the hospital. So, to reduce any chance of that happening to Henry, I want to keep him away from my MIL, her home, and her car until he’s done with the inhaler, or his cough clears up (assuming it does).

So, J told his parents about the cough and the inhaler and the asthma variant, and that we want to keep Henry away from cigarette smoke for the time being (ideally, I wish it could be all the time). My MIL didn’t take this so well. She feels personally attacked, won’t take any phone calls from J, and doesn’t understand why we’re imposing this rule, thinking that we’re being ridiculous and over protective and lashing out at her.

I feel like at this point she’s picking cigarettes over her grandchild. That’s her choice, and I’ll accept it, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. I’ve read article after article about second hand and third hand smoke, and I don’t want my child who at the moment has a lung condition to be around it. Not to mention all of the warnings about second and third hand smoke on infants!  

I’m not sure what to do about this situation. I’m not sure what to do if Henry’s asthma variant, turns into actual asthma. I’m really not sure what to do about my MIL’s smoking when the baby comes in June….I don’t want my kids around smoke, but I don’t want to bar them from their grandmother either.

Anyone have any advice?      

Week 26

Dear Baby,
There are some pretty cool developments at 26 weeks. This week you’re the size of a head of lettuce.  Your eyes are working hard to develop and form, and pretty soon they’ll start to open! And, to frame those beautiful baby blues, you’ve also got eye lashes! Your immune system is amping up as well, getting ready for life on the outside. You’re soaking up my antibodies, making sure that you’ll be nice and healthy for when you’re born.

I don’t have much to report about me right now. I’ve had some indigestion recently that actually got to be quite painful. I never really had it with your brother, so this was interesting. Other than that, things have been fairly smooth. I’m doing my best to control my gestational diabetes, and since spring has finally arrived, I think that I’m going to start my daily walking again. I’m looking forward to it. It’s nice to get outside in the fresh air.

Your nursery now has a crib! Your Dad, brother and I spent Sunday putting it together, and it looks so precious! I can’t wait until I can peek in your room to see you sleeping in it. Your Gram and I are going to a huge baby consignment thing this coming weekend to stock up on a bunch of things that we need. I’m hoping we can get most things ticked off of our list!

The more I feel you move, the more I’m getting excited about your arrival. I’m so looking forward to you being here, and being a part of our lives. I can’t wait. June will be here before we know it!

Keep growing, and know that I love you!


Week 25

Dear Baby,
At 25 weeks you’re the size of a head of cauliflower! You’re weighing in around 2 lbs and around 14 inches long. The cool new development this week is that you now know which way is up, and which way is down. You’re still packing on the ounces so you’ll be an adorable, pudgy little baby when you’re born.  You’re also working on growing more hair. I’ve really started to feel your movements this week. I’ve been feeling them for a while, but boy are they strong now! I love it, keep those movements coming!

This week my main complaint is constipation. It’s awful….just plain awful. Drinking a ton of water seems to help, but not much. I’ve also started to experience indigestion. I wouldn’t call it heartburn, because it’s not that bad, but after eating certain foods, I sure can get uncomfortable. I’ve also started having some braxton hicks contractions. So, I’m trying to make sure that I’m super hydrated and that I’m not on my feet too much (which is really hard to do when you have to teach all day).

I have a midwife appointment next week. I’m actually not looking forward to it. I have to be confrontational and go over everything that’s happened that I’m not happy about. Hopefully we’ll come to a resolution, otherwise, I might be switching practices. Don’t worry though, I’m going to find the perfect person to help us during your birth.

I’m starting to stress over your nursery. We’ve got so much left to do, and what feels like not enough time (or money) to do it all. I’m just hoping we’ll have a semblance of the beautiful nursery I see in my head by the time you arrive.

I love you so much! Keep moving and shaking and growing!