Fasting Blood Sugar Readings

I’m really irritated with my midwife and her whole practice. Since being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, I’ve been working really hard on getting every blood sugar reading below where it needs to be. After meal readings need to be under 120 two hours after meals. I’ve been aiming for 110 or less, and I’ve been making it! My breakfast, lunch and dinner readings are fabulous, and predominately under or around 100.
My fasting levels on the other hand…..they’re awful. They range from 88-140, and they need to be under 90. I’ve tried adding a bedtime snack at night. I’ve tried the snack being all protein, a mix of protein and carbs, and all carbs, and it doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, my fasting numbers are terrible.

Realizing that this is a problem, I contacted my midwife about it and asked for some help – specifically for me to be referred to a nutritionist so that we can work out a plan to get the numbers under control. The first time I asked, I was told that we would discuss it at my next appointment. As my appointment at the time was less than a week away, I was ok with that. At that appointment, I was told that I’d be referred to a nutritionist.

A week later, when I still hadn’t heard anything about the referral, I emailed my midwife to ask for an update. I was then sent an email by the woman who does all of the office referrals stating that I was signed up for an “intro to gestational diabetes class.” Um…I know what gestational diabetes is. I’ve had it before. I remember how I’m supposed to eat, and I know how to use my meter. These are all the things you learn in the class. I know, cause I’ve sat through it before.

I emailed my midwife back, and told her this is not what I wanted. I want a one on one meeting with a nutritionist to help make a personal plan for how to control my fasting numbers.

Two days later, I get an email back from her stating that my fasting numbers are controlled by my metabolism, and if a protein snack at night hasn’t helped, then only medication will. And, that we’ll discuss this more at my next appointment. My next appointment is in 3 weeks.

So, am I to understand that my blood sugars from dinner to breakfast will continue to be out of control for the next three weeks, and my midwife is ok with it? All totaled this will be 6 weeks of my fasting numbers being haywire, and I’ve had no help, after repeatedly asking for it.

I’m to the point that I’m thinking of switching practices.  

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