Shadow on Heart

I had a follow up ultrasound last Friday. It was schedule because they didn’t get all of the pictures they needed at the midpregnancy ultrasound because the baby was so active. This time, the baby was pretty sleepy. Moving some (arms and lefts mostly), but not much.
The tech was able to get some pictures that she needed, but not others because she couldn’t get the baby to move. She poked and prodded my stomach, she had me turn from one side to another and back again. She had me get up and jump around. Nothing worked, that baby didn’t want to move.

Eventually she gave up and sent me on to see the midwife. I didn’t get to see my regular midwife. Instead, I saw one that I’m not the biggest fan of. We talked about my Gestational Diabetes, and the problems I’ve been having with my fasting numbers, and she’s getting me a referral to a nutritionist.

Then, she dropped a bomb on me. She told me that the ultrasound found a shadow on the baby’s heart. I asked her what that meant, and she pretty much refused to give me an answer. She told me that it could be nothing, and that I’m to come back in four weeks for another ultrasound. If the shadow is still there, they’ll send me for a more in depth ultrasound. If it isn’t there, then we simply won’t worry about it. 

She asked me if we had any genetic testing done, and I told her that we did the NT scan, and that everything came back normal, and she just nodded at that.  

I was beyond miffed that I couldn’t get more information out of this woman. She basically told me that there’s a potential problem, but she wouldn’t tell me what the problem could be! So, of course I googled “ultrasound found shadow on baby’s heart” as soon as I got home, and that did nothing to allay my fears. It could be a calcium deposit, or a “medium marker” for down syndrome. I stopped googling after that. I don’t want to scare myself silly. I go back for that follow up ultrasound on March 11, and I’m just trying to remain calm until then.  


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