Week 22

Dear Baby,
Your eyes and lips are more developed now, which means that you’re looking more and more like the cute little kiddo you’re going to be in just a few short months. This week you’re also sleeping in cycles. You’re sleeping around 12-14 hours a day – although you’re awake as I write this, you’re kicking and squirming nonstop right now (I love it!).

I was thinking the other day about the fact that I only have about 4 more months until I get to meet you. I’m so excited for it. To hold you, watch you grow and get to see what kind of person you’ll grow up to be. I can’t express to you how eager I am to watch and be apart of all of that.

This week my back has really started to hurt, as well as my hips. Last night was particularly bad. I was awake enough to see each hour on the clock flash by. I’ve also been a little remiss in doing my guided meditation, and I need to start doing those at least once a day. I tried to do one on Saturday, but ended up falling asleep halfway through it. Hopefully my subconscious was listening at some level. This week at work is also stressful for me. Two teachers have gone out on maternity leave, and my schedule has taken a huge hit because of it. Hopefully I’ll be able to adapt quickly.

Keep growing, and know that I love you!



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