Week 20

Dear Baby,
We’ve made it to the halfway point!!! 20 weeks down, 20 week to go! This week you’re the size of a banana. The cool developmental news this week is that you’ve got working taste buds! I hope that you’re liking everything that you’re tasting in there, and I’ll try as hard as I can to vary the things that I eat to keep it interesting for you.

There isn’t much to report about what’s new me this week. Everything is still pretty much the same. My energy level is up a bit, I’m sleeping marginally better. My morning sickness is almost (hope I don’t regret writing that) gone. My boobs are still super sore, as in it hurts to take a bra on and off, so I’m hoping that will taper off sometime soon.

I’ve started knitting a baby blanket for you. I’m hoping that it will be nice enough/ pretty enough for it to be your crib blanket, and eventually a lovey that you’ll carry everywhere with you. It’s a multicolored blanket that is made up of separately knit squares and rectangles and then I’ll sew them all together to make one large blanket. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 

I’ve been trying to be diligent with my hypnobirthing tracks. Listening to them at least once a day and working towards being able to deeply relax easily. I’ve also been working on the “silver glove of endorphins” technique. It’s pretty cool and it gets easier and stronger every time I try it. It’s where I envision that my right had has a silver glove on it that is nothing but endorphins, and it causes my whole hand to go numb. After my hand is numb, I can then transfer the endorphins to anything that I touch with that hand, and the track has me practicing numbing my lower abdomine as well. I’m hoping that I’ll get pretty good at this one and will be able to use it when I’m in labor with you.

We’re starting the last phase of this pregnancy. You’ll be here before we know it, and I cannot wait. I love you so much.

Keep Growing,



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