Since the sex of the baby is still under wraps, we have to come up with baby names for both sexes. J and I are in complete agreement on girl names. We have two first names that we love (want to wait to meet the baby before deciding on a first name) and a middle name that’s perfect. However, we’re having trouble with the boy names.
When I was pregnant with Henry, we had two first names ready to go: Henry and Asher. And, his middle name is Steven Michael, which was my dad’s names (he passed away when I was 18).

I’d like to find a similar formula for this baby. First name being a name we like, middle name being from my side of the family, and last name is obviously from J’s side of the family. We have two first names that we love: Alexander and Benjamin. The problem is that we can’t find a great middle name that works for both names. Finding a middle name for Alexander is pretty easy. But, finding one for Benjamin has been more difficult that we thought it would be.

For instance, any name that starts with a S, M or J is immediately off the list because of initials: BS, BM, BJ. And, or course all the names we like start with those letters.

Sean: the Irish form of John – from my maternal Grandfather (he was Irish)

Jacob: my father called J “that Jake kid” the whole time he was dating me, and in honor of him we like the name Jacob (btw Jacob or Jake is not my hubby’s name)

Michael: A name that appears a lot on the maternal side of my family

Names that have made the list, but that we’re not thrilled with: Ian (Scottish form of John) and Felix (paternal grandfather’s name)

All of this just makes me want to bang my head against a table. Hopefully something will just come to us soon….


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