Week 19

Dear Baby,
You’re as big as a mango! You’re developing a protective coating on your skin called vernix that will help keep you warm, and waterproofed while you live in a nice watery environment for the next 20ish weeks. Your brain is also developing like mad right now. Your senses are all developing like crazy. You’re working on your hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch.

I have some new developments this week. My midwife has asked me to check my blood sugars a few times a week. I’m to check my fasting and 2 hours after breakfast. I’ve noticed that on active days my readings are normal, but on days where I’m not active, they’re awful. So, it has me thinking that I might be heading the gestational diabetic route again. Time will tell. I’ve also started to develop restless leg syndrome at night, which is just irritating.    

I’m doing my hypnobirthing exercises several times a week. I need to bump it up to every day. But, I’m getting to the point where total relaxation is getting easier and easier to achieve. I need to find more listening pieces, or order a few from the actual website. So far I’m really liking everything that it has to offer. I wish I could afford to take an actual class, but it’s just not in the cards. So, I’ll have to piece together what I can and hope that it’s enough.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve done this once before, or not, but this pregnancy seems easier than it was when I was pregnant with Henry. My morning sickness wasn’t as bad (still comes up every now and then, but not often), my blood pressure has stayed perfect so far, and I feel like I have more energy than I did in my second trimester than I did with Henry. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly.

Remember that I love you! Keep growing,



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