Week 18

Dear Baby,
You’re now as big as a sweet potato! You’re practicing all of your awesome skills: yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing. You’re also very active, and I can personally attest to this from watching your ultrasound yesterday. You were twisting and kicking and punching all over the place. It was amazing to watch you move. You were actually moving so much that I have to go back in a couple of weeks to have another ultrasound because they couldn’t get all of the shots they needed. I’m excited about that. Any chance to see you on the big screen is just something wonderful.

According to the ultrasound, you’re weighing around 10 oz. and are long! The ultrasound tech said that you have long leg bones, which was surprising to hear since everyone in our family is short. You’re measuring about a week ahead of schedule. If fine with that. I’m actually hoping that you come a week or two before your due date. Any extra time I can get with you would just be awesome.

My morning sickness is still hanging around, but is fairly manageable, and is usually only bad first thing in the morning. I feel you kicking and moving more and more, which is awesome. I love feeling you move. It just makes the pregnancy seem much more real. At our appointment yesterday the midwife said that everything is going great.    

I’ve started ordering diapers for you, since all the cloth ones we had with your brother are pretty much worn out. I washed a whole bunch of baby clothes we and bought baby hangers so now I can hang them up in your closet. Your dad and I need to go shopping for a crib and paint some furniture in your room. I can’t wait until your nursery is fully put together.

I love you so much! Keep growing!


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