Since the sex of the baby is still under wraps, we have to come up with baby names for both sexes. J and I are in complete agreement on girl names. We have two first names that we love (want to wait to meet the baby before deciding on a first name) and a middle name that’s perfect. However, we’re having trouble with the boy names.
When I was pregnant with Henry, we had two first names ready to go: Henry and Asher. And, his middle name is Steven Michael, which was my dad’s names (he passed away when I was 18).

I’d like to find a similar formula for this baby. First name being a name we like, middle name being from my side of the family, and last name is obviously from J’s side of the family. We have two first names that we love: Alexander and Benjamin. The problem is that we can’t find a great middle name that works for both names. Finding a middle name for Alexander is pretty easy. But, finding one for Benjamin has been more difficult that we thought it would be.

For instance, any name that starts with a S, M or J is immediately off the list because of initials: BS, BM, BJ. And, or course all the names we like start with those letters.

Sean: the Irish form of John – from my maternal Grandfather (he was Irish)

Jacob: my father called J “that Jake kid” the whole time he was dating me, and in honor of him we like the name Jacob (btw Jacob or Jake is not my hubby’s name)

Michael: A name that appears a lot on the maternal side of my family

Names that have made the list, but that we’re not thrilled with: Ian (Scottish form of John) and Felix (paternal grandfather’s name)

All of this just makes me want to bang my head against a table. Hopefully something will just come to us soon….


Week 20

Dear Baby,
We’ve made it to the halfway point!!! 20 weeks down, 20 week to go! This week you’re the size of a banana. The cool developmental news this week is that you’ve got working taste buds! I hope that you’re liking everything that you’re tasting in there, and I’ll try as hard as I can to vary the things that I eat to keep it interesting for you.

There isn’t much to report about what’s new me this week. Everything is still pretty much the same. My energy level is up a bit, I’m sleeping marginally better. My morning sickness is almost (hope I don’t regret writing that) gone. My boobs are still super sore, as in it hurts to take a bra on and off, so I’m hoping that will taper off sometime soon.

I’ve started knitting a baby blanket for you. I’m hoping that it will be nice enough/ pretty enough for it to be your crib blanket, and eventually a lovey that you’ll carry everywhere with you. It’s a multicolored blanket that is made up of separately knit squares and rectangles and then I’ll sew them all together to make one large blanket. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. 

I’ve been trying to be diligent with my hypnobirthing tracks. Listening to them at least once a day and working towards being able to deeply relax easily. I’ve also been working on the “silver glove of endorphins” technique. It’s pretty cool and it gets easier and stronger every time I try it. It’s where I envision that my right had has a silver glove on it that is nothing but endorphins, and it causes my whole hand to go numb. After my hand is numb, I can then transfer the endorphins to anything that I touch with that hand, and the track has me practicing numbing my lower abdomine as well. I’m hoping that I’ll get pretty good at this one and will be able to use it when I’m in labor with you.

We’re starting the last phase of this pregnancy. You’ll be here before we know it, and I cannot wait. I love you so much.

Keep Growing,


Week 19

Dear Baby,
You’re as big as a mango! You’re developing a protective coating on your skin called vernix that will help keep you warm, and waterproofed while you live in a nice watery environment for the next 20ish weeks. Your brain is also developing like mad right now. Your senses are all developing like crazy. You’re working on your hearing, sight, taste, smell and touch.

I have some new developments this week. My midwife has asked me to check my blood sugars a few times a week. I’m to check my fasting and 2 hours after breakfast. I’ve noticed that on active days my readings are normal, but on days where I’m not active, they’re awful. So, it has me thinking that I might be heading the gestational diabetic route again. Time will tell. I’ve also started to develop restless leg syndrome at night, which is just irritating.    

I’m doing my hypnobirthing exercises several times a week. I need to bump it up to every day. But, I’m getting to the point where total relaxation is getting easier and easier to achieve. I need to find more listening pieces, or order a few from the actual website. So far I’m really liking everything that it has to offer. I wish I could afford to take an actual class, but it’s just not in the cards. So, I’ll have to piece together what I can and hope that it’s enough.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve done this once before, or not, but this pregnancy seems easier than it was when I was pregnant with Henry. My morning sickness wasn’t as bad (still comes up every now and then, but not often), my blood pressure has stayed perfect so far, and I feel like I have more energy than I did in my second trimester than I did with Henry. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly.

Remember that I love you! Keep growing,


Week 18

Dear Baby,
You’re now as big as a sweet potato! You’re practicing all of your awesome skills: yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing. You’re also very active, and I can personally attest to this from watching your ultrasound yesterday. You were twisting and kicking and punching all over the place. It was amazing to watch you move. You were actually moving so much that I have to go back in a couple of weeks to have another ultrasound because they couldn’t get all of the shots they needed. I’m excited about that. Any chance to see you on the big screen is just something wonderful.

According to the ultrasound, you’re weighing around 10 oz. and are long! The ultrasound tech said that you have long leg bones, which was surprising to hear since everyone in our family is short. You’re measuring about a week ahead of schedule. If fine with that. I’m actually hoping that you come a week or two before your due date. Any extra time I can get with you would just be awesome.

My morning sickness is still hanging around, but is fairly manageable, and is usually only bad first thing in the morning. I feel you kicking and moving more and more, which is awesome. I love feeling you move. It just makes the pregnancy seem much more real. At our appointment yesterday the midwife said that everything is going great.    

I’ve started ordering diapers for you, since all the cloth ones we had with your brother are pretty much worn out. I washed a whole bunch of baby clothes we and bought baby hangers so now I can hang them up in your closet. Your dad and I need to go shopping for a crib and paint some furniture in your room. I can’t wait until your nursery is fully put together.

I love you so much! Keep growing!

Week 16-17

Dear Baby,

Sorry for combining two weeks.  I’ve been on winter break and I honestly haven’t wanted to touch a piece of technology.  Last week you were the size of an avocado, and this week you’ve grown to the size of an onion.  The amazing transformation that’s happened is that you can hear now!  The tiny bones in your ears are forming and allow you to hear my voice, and perhaps even others as well.  Your hair is growing, and your taste buds are developing.  You’re also finally starting to bulk up by adding some fat to your body.
What’s been up with me the past two weeks?  My bronchitis seems to be finally getting better.  I’m still coughing and sneezing some, but I’ve finished my last round of antibiotics, so I’m hoping I’ll be done with this crud once and for all.  I’ve been having some crazy dreams….really weird ones.  Everything I’ve read says that it’s normal, and fairly common, but it’s still weird that it’s a pregnancy symptom.  I also broke down and bought a body pillow.  I’d been sleeping pretty badly, waking up sore and stiff, and ever since I got it, I’ve been sleeping much better.  It takes up over half the bed….but your dad promises that he doesn’t mind, at least not that much.
We’ve got your nursery pretty much laid out.  It’s going to be cramped and over crowded, but there’s not much we can do about that.  I’ve also got out a bunch of your brothers baby clothes and washed them so that they’ll be ready for you.  I just need to buy some baby hangers so I can hang up a bunch of stuff.  I’m really excited for our ultrasound next week!  I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!
In other news I’ve been doing some reading on how I can prepare for your birth the best that I can.  I’m reading “HypnoBirthing” and one of my coworkers has offered to let me borrow her HypnoBaby scripts when she’s done with them.  I really want a calm, peaceful and natural birth for you.  I tired to have one with your brother, but it didn’t workout quite like I wanted.  We hired the same doula, and I’m going to try for a water birth again.  I’m really excited about doing this all again.  And, I’m so excited about being your mom.
I love you!  Keep growing,