Week 15

Dear Baby

You’re now the size of a navel orange!  According to The Bump, you’re moving a ton, and I’m fairly certain that I feel you at least a couple times a day.  All of your joints and limbs are now moving like they should.  You might also be hiccuping in there, which is just super cute, I can’t wait until I get to feel those too.
I was at the doctor at the beginning of the week (why your post is late) and I was diagnosed with bronchitis made worse by asthma, which is just awesome.  So, I’ve been spending Christmas week on antibiotics and lounging on the sofa, and just basically trying to get better.  I think I’m finally on the mend, though, so there’s the bright side.
My belly is getting bigger and you can tell that it’s a definitely a baby bump.  We also have an appointment on your dad’s birthday for our 18 week ultrasound.  I’m so excited to see you!  We’ve also decided that we’re not going to find out your sex.  I really want to be surprised!
Also, we’ve hired the same doula who helped me all through my pregnancy with your brother.  I’m so excited to have her on board.  She’s a great lady, and I hope you get to meet her one day!
I’m writing this to you on Christmas day, and I couldn’t help but think all day that you’ll be here to help celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah next year.  I’m so looking forward to seeing everything you’re going to add to our family.  You’re so wanted and so loved.  I can hardly wait the next 5 1/2 months to meet you.
Keep growing.  Love,

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