I’ve been writing so much about my pregnancy and the upcoming baby, that it seems I’ve forgotten to post things about my other baby.
Henry is going through a phase right now where his imagination is getting in the way of going to sleep at night. He is terrified of monsters. In fact, we have conversations like this all the time:

Henry: I’ve got good news and bad news.

Me: What’s the good news?

Henry: The good news is I’m happy.

Me. What’s the bad news?

Henry: The bad news is that monsters are coming to get me.

It breaks my heart for this kid. All this week and last week he has called out to us every time we close his door for him to go to sleep. He’s afraid of being left alone in his room. We’ve tried giving him strategies to deal with his fear. He has a night light, a christmas tree that we keep lit at night, a light saber (to defeat monsters with) and a flash light in case he gets scared.  

All of these things and he’s still afraid to go to sleep at night. He’s even been asking for me to rock with him in his rocking chair again before bedtime and while we rock he asks me to sing to him. I sing the lullaby that I’ve been singing since he was a baby (Baby Mine from Dumbo).  

When I finally got him into bed last night I had to tell him that I would protect him at all costs if monsters attacked, that I would never allow a monster to touch one hair on his head, and then I pretty much had to brow beat him into believing me that I could accomplish such a feat.  

I’m at a loss for what to do to help put his fears to rest. I don’t simply want to tell him that monsters don’t exist and just leave it at that. I remember when I was a kid that my parents did that, and it did nothing to ease my fears in the dark of the night.  

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to help ease his fears?



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