Week 13

Dear Baby,
We’ve made it to 13 weeks, which means that we are officially in the second trimester!! It also means that we’re 1/3 through this pregnancy. Whoo Hoo! This week you’re the size of a peach. You’re currently forming vocal chords, and I can’t wait to hear all of the sweet sounds you’re going to make. You’re also busy forming teeth! And, your intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to your tummy.  

We announced to the world on Sunday that you’ll be arriving in June. We are super excited about your arrival, and so it seems is everyone else we’ve shared the news with. You got a whopping 250+ likes on Facebook and over 70 comments, so I’d say you’re pretty popular.  

My friend Kathleen (who is awesome) loaned me a bunch of maternity clothes, and I’m really excited about it. I never knew how comfy maternity pants were, and now I’m wishing I had bought a few pairs when I was pregnant with your brother. Oh well….hind sight.  

I’ve stopped taking my progesterone supplements, and so far nothing scary has happened. I’m continuing to knock on all wood that it stays that way. I’ve also stopped taking my anti nausea meds, more because I forgot to refill the prescription than any other reason. But, I figured I’d see how I’d do without them and reassess to see if I need to refill it. So far, it’s not much different than when I was taking them. So, I think I can go without from now on. =).  

There are no new pregnancy symptoms to report for me. Everything is pretty much the same: nauseous, tired, sore boobs, sciatica, and every now and then I swear I feel you move.

I’m really looking forward to when you get a bit bigger and I can feel you move all the time. The pregnancy always seems to feel more real when that happens. I love you so much! Keep growing!


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