Week 12

Dear Baby,
We’re in the final week of the first trimester! At 12 weeks you’re now the size of a plum! Most of your organ systems are in place and are now just working on developing. You’re arms are now long enough for your hands to reach your mouth, and your legs are now longer than your arms. Your reflexes are now working as well. Your fingers can open and close, your toes can curl, your eye muscles can clench and you are beginning to work on your sucking reflex!

It’s more the same with me this week. My nausea is still awful. My sciatica is still there and my boobs are still sore. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow to do our NT scan (to check for genetic abnormalities). I’m excited to see you on an ultrasound again, and I’m hopeful that I get to see you move. I swear that I’ve begun to feel you move already…

I forgot to mention it last week, but your dad, Gram and I got a jump start on your nursery and cleared it out of boxes and started to put it together. We still need a crib and to paint some furniture and the walls, but for the most part everything is in place. I’ll be even more excited as the room becomes more and more the nursery I envision in my head.

Keep growing and know that I love you!



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