Week 10

Dear Baby,
We’ve made it tot 10 weeks! We are officially one quarter through the pregnancy, which means only 30 more weeks to go! This week you’re the size of a prune. You have working arm joints and your cartilage and bones are forming. All of your vital organs are developed and even starting to function. Your hair and finger nails are starting to grow as well. And, the really cool thing is that you’re starting to kick and move in there. I swear I’ve already felt a few of them, but with it being as early as it is, I’m only partially convinced it was you. I guess I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to know for certain.

What’s new with me this week? I think I’ve officially started to show. Which just seems ridiculous because I don’t think I started to show with Henry until sometime in late December. But, there is a noticeable bump right now. My nausea can still be pretty intense, and I do throw up most mornings. But, I think (fingers crossed and knocking on all wood) that it’s starting to lessen. At least I hope it is.

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. They’ve told me it’s my first official prenatal appointment (although I’ve been to see her several times by now). I’m excited for it. I feel like you and I are on an adventure together. I’ll be honest and tell you I’m nervous about being a mother of two. I feel like I can barely figure out how to parent Henry let alone figure out how to parent him with an infant added in to the picture. But, we’ll have to figure it out together. As nervous as I am, I’m also really excited. I love babies. The snuggles, and cuddles. The smells and sounds….I just can’t get enough. I’m so looking forward to you being here.

I love you. Keep Growing,


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