Week 6

Dear Baby,

We’ve made it to six weeks!  You’re now the size of a sweet pea.  Your features are starting to form.  Your eyes, cheeks, chin, ears and nose are setting into place to make you a little cutie.  You’ve also got hands and feet, although, they’re webbed.  Your heart is beating, and blood is circulating.  You’re starting to look more and more like a baby as each day passes.  I can’t wait to see your sweet face!

My morning sickness is in full swing.  I started to throw up yesterday, and ended up having to leave work because I was having to run to the bathroom so often.  I’m totally fine with the morning sickness if it means that you’re ok.  I’m on progesterone supplements because my hormone levels took a dive, and I’ll be honest, I’m really worried about that.  I’m worried that my hormone levels won’t get up to where they need to be in time and that I’ll miscarry.  I go back to the midwife next week, and we’ll be able to check to see how you’re doing.  It looks like I’ll just have to sit on pins and needles until then.

Please keep growing.

I love you,



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