Progesterone and Ultrasounds

I had my midwife appointment and ultrasound on Thursday. 
I got there right one time. My appointment was set to be at 4:15, but like most doctors appointment, I was kept waiting in the waiting room until 4:30. I was totally fine with this, though. J was driving as fast as he possibly could so that he could make the ultrasound (he works about 50 minutes away).  
At 4:30, I was taken to the lab get my blood drawn to check my progesterone levels. That was easy peasy. And then I was sent back to the waiting room to wait for my ultrasound. by this point it was 4:40. J still wasn’t there but I was getting texts from him that he was about 20 minutes out.  
The technician came out and got me, told me to empty my bladder and then disrobe from the waist down. I was trying to stall and take my time. I must have washed my hands for a solid 3 minutes. I got situated on the table, and I got a text from J that he was 10 minutes out. I was thinking that he would make the very end of the ultrasound, but the ultrasound only took about 3-5 minutes. It was very quick. But, I got to see the baby =). She estimated that I’m about 5 weeks 4 days, but that it’s hard to be sure when it’s this small. As soon as she left to let me get dressed I got a text from J that he was running in the front door. He met me in the waiting room and then we waited for my midwife to go over the ultrasound results with us.  
She told us that everything was looking perfect (that was her word), and for us to keep going like we’re going. She mentioned that she was a pinch concerned about my progesterone levels, but that the last time they took it, it was still probably increasing and that we probably had nothing to worry about. The last time they took it, it was at 11. She said that when they took it on Thursday, they expected it to be between 18-25.
I got my results back on Friday afternoon. My progesterone level was 6. It had dropped. Progesterone is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy, so if the level continues to drop, there’s every expectation that I’ll have miscarriage.  
I was started on a progesterone vaginal suppository, and I go back on the 30th to have another ultrasound, and another progesterone level drawn. The ultrasound will tell us if the pregnancy is viable or not. If there’s no heartbeat, then we lost the baby. If there is a heartbeat, then I stay on progesterone until I’m reassessed at 12 weeks.
I’m terrified right now. J wants to remain positive, and keeps telling me to stay positive. Let’s assume everything is fine until we know otherwise. But, it’s just so hard for me to stay positive when I was to wait two weeks to know…..


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