I am so confused by my cycle….
I thought I was supposed to ovulate on CD 17, and according to Fertility Friend, I did. But, none of my other fertile signs were in place. No fertile cervical fluid, and my cervix was fairly low.

However, on CD 22 I started to have egg white cervical fluid and my cervix is now high and soft, and my temperature dipped way down this morning. So, I’m guessing that I ovulated a week late for whatever reason.
My cycles can be so screwy….My postpartum cycles have been around 30 days, but every few months I’ll have a cycle that throws all rules out the window. I’m guessing that this cycle is one of those.
January – 29 Days

February – 36 Days

March – 29 Days

April – 39 Days

May – 30 Days

June – 31 Days

July – 30 Days

August/ September – Currently on CD 24 – ovulating today….I think
I’m going back to my midwife on Friday and they’re doing a lot of blood work. They’ll be checking to make sure that I ovulated – and hopefully they’ll be able to tell me when. They’re also going to be checking my thyroid function – T3 and T4 and maybe some others. She didn’t say exactly which ones, just said that she’d be checking all of them.


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