I wish trying to get pregnant wasn’t so stressful.
Right now I’m on cycle day 17 and I still haven’t ovulated. I’ve been using OPKs for my past two cycles, and I’m fairly certain that I ovulated last month. Last cycle my OPKs got slightly darker each day until at last they were as dark as the control strip – signaling that ovulation was imminent. That hasn’t happened this month. They are staying consistently light. My temperatures are also staying low. I’m starting to worry that I’m not going to ovulate at all this month….

The good news is that I saw my midwife for my annual check up last week and she’s having me come in for blood work next week to make sure that I’m ovulating. She’s also going to be doing testing on my thyroid, because I’m showing symptoms of hypothyroidism.  

I hate the waiting part of all of this. Waiting to ovulate, waiting to take a pregnancy test, waiting for my period to be over so we can start to wait all over again….


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