Not This Time

So, it turns out I’m not pregnant. After getting pregnant with Henry so easily, this was a bit of a shock and a huge disappointment. I’m not really sure what else to say….
We’re going to keep trying, and hopefully it’ll happen soon. I’ve ordered some OPKs and pregnancy tests online, and they should be here sometime next week. I’ll keep you all posted on how to the progress is going.

In other news, we’re settling into our new house very well. We’re still unpacking and figuring out where things are going, but overall things are good. Henry seems to really like it and has stopped asking about our old house (the first few days were pretty hard on him). 
I’ve started back at my job. I was hired back a few days before teacher work days began. I’m working as a Teacher Assistant in the EC Department (Exceptional Children ie children with learning disabilities). I really like my job, and very happy to be back.
J and I have decided that we want to start a Whole30. We’re going shopping this weekend and are officially starting on Monday. If you’ve never done a Whole30, it’s essentially a very strict version of paleo. No dairy, grains, legumes or sugar – fake or real. Basically just meat, fruit and veggies. J and I did a Whole30 in January, and we both felt really good while doing it, and we want to start on the path again. Wish us luck!
….I think that’s pretty much it for now.


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